Frequently asked questions about MCODS Manipal.

Can foreign students take admissions in your department?

Describe the teaching methodology?

Does MCODS provide research facilities to the students?

What are the various career options after a degree from MCODS? What do UG and PG students from MCODS generally do?

Does MCODS have any collaboration with external private or public agencies for research etc.?

Is the institute private or government?

Is it an accredited institution?

What additional benefits I get doing BDS at MCODS compared to other dental schools in India?

Is the BDS course offered by MCODS recognized in other countries?

What is the selection procedure for the BDS course?

How long is the BDS course and how is it conducted?

How is the course evaluated?

Does the college have an attached hospital?

Does the college encourage extracurricular and co-curricular activities?

What is the scope after BDS?

Can the undergraduate students pursue research activities?

Does MCODS, Manipal have exchange programs with other international universities? What is the probability that a student will be selected for externship programs?

What are the other programs that MCODS offers?

Should I really do MDS? Is BDS not enough qualification, for general practice?

What is the selection procedure for the MDS course? How often is the selection done?

What are the different specialties in which I can pursue MDS at MCODS?

Which specialty do I choose?

What additional benefits does MCODS, Manipal offer during the MDS program?

How is the course conducted and assessed?

Is there a minimum quota of clinical/practical work to be completed before the course completion?

What is the scope of research during MDS course?

What is the scope after MDS?

Is there any alternative course that I can pursue other than MDS?