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Manipal Centre for Humanities (MCH) is a leading research and teaching institute based in Manipal, Karnataka. It offers an undergraduate program in the Humanities and postgraduate and doctoral degrees in English and Sociology. As one of the most exciting academic experiments in higher education in India, MCH fosters a culture of innovative and reflexive pedagogy, intellectual freedom, student initiatives, and new directions in scholarship. Students come to MCH from universities abroad and many of India’s premier undergraduate colleges. Read More



Programs Offered


MCH offers a carefully curated BA (Humanities) program that inculcates varied critical and creative skills across three years (six semesters). Keeping the larger goals of interdisciplinarity in mind, the first two years of the program offer a wide range of Foundation Courses for a strong grounding in fundamental concepts and recent scholarship. Foundation Courses are offered from the following disciplines – Literature, Sociology, History, Religious Studies, Film Studies and Gender Studies. Read More



The English program at MCH is distinctive for its emphasis on developing nuanced and mature literary sensibilities by employing the most contemporary scholarship. Moving away from the dated colonial study of periodisation in literature that scans literary texts and canonical writers in a linear manner through the centuries, the MCH program offers innovative and challenging courses on Indian Literature, Modern International Literature, as well as emerging areas such as Film Studies and Gender Studies. Students are trained towards rigorous in-depth textual analysis and encouraged to develop sophisticated writing and research skills. The program prides itself on re-imagining scholastic and creative engagement with literatures -- premodern, modernist, contemporary, and in translation -- in a wide spectrum that inspires students to discover and refine their particular interests. Read More



The Masters program in Sociology is aimed at initiating a dialogue on society and the social. The teaching of the Masters and the doctoral program combines an interdisciplinary perspective with comprehensive training in field research. Blending contemporary sociology with classical theory, we offer dynamic courses such as law and society, the collective social, the sociology of kinship, and research methods. Our faculty, trained at leading universities in India and abroad, brings in its own expertise and specialization to create a teaching environment that is engaging and interactive. Read More



The three-year full-time PhD-program has a strong focus on original contemporary research in the humanities. MCH expects its students to have a strong and academically rigorous foundation in the scholarship, writing and the structuring of large and complex proposals. If these conditions are met, MCH encourages dissertations that are intellectually ambitious, interdisciplinary, original, and pioneering. If the relevant PhD Guide is persuaded of the merit of the proposal, full support will be given (by MCH and MAHE) to develop the dissertation to the point of its greatest and most expansive strength. Read More


“I have now made two very worthwhile trips to MCH. Each visit was marked by much intellectual stimulus and serious discussions with the faculty and students, among whom the morale was  high, the scholarly commitment intense and genuine, and the quality uniformly excellent.”

Akeel Bilgrami, Professor of Philosophy, Columbia University, USA


“I have taught literature all my life in Indian and foreign Universities. Nowhere in my experience have philosophy and social sciences been taught in an interdisciplinary way except in this school. MCH has an excellent approach in its syllabus and its students will be unique as practitioners and teachers of literature. I could see they are trained to think creatively because of the courses they take in several branches of the Humanities.”

UR Ananthamurthy, Eminent Kannada writer and Jnanpith laureate


“MCH is asking its students to take as seriously as possible core questions in culture and power, across time – at present and though history – and space – in India and outside of India. It is demanding that they learn major works, both theoretical and empirical. It is inviting them to confront the problems, and promises, of disciplinary and interdisciplinary work…what more could one possibly provide one’s students?”

Sheldon Pollock, Professor of South Asian Studies, Columbia University, USA


“MCH has an international reputation because of its extraordinary faculty who are committed to studying how mind, body, and society are co-constitutive, or bound together to form our ethical dispositions toward law, medicine, education, and economics.”

Carolyn Rouse, Professor of Anthropology, Princeton University, USA


"Being part of the undergraduate course at MCH has been a truly rewarding experience from the very first day. The program has been designed very meticulously and reflects MCH's commitment to contemporary and interdisciplinary scholarship. Not to mention the exceptional student-faculty ratio of MCH that allows for personal interaction and mentorship that extends beyond the classroom. There is always a lot happening outside the classroom too, and one is afforded the time, space and encouragement to pursue extra-curricular interests across the spectrum. And of course, the beach is only a thirty minute bus ride away!

Nikhil Ravishankar, BA student (Rhodes Shortlist, 2019-2020)


“The learning at MCH is not just within the classroom, the entire environment surrounding the Centre is designed to facilitate conversations about new ideas with peers and faculty. The writing-intensive approach of the course encourages us to apply concepts discussed in the classroom to our individual areas of interest. This gives us the space to develop in our individual research fields, while constantly discovering new ideas.”

Chitralekha Manohar, MA student (2012-2014)


"Having not lived in a university town before, I reached Manipal with many reservations. However, MCH helped me unlearn the irrational fear I had always associated with following my thought to its end, and in that manner also to write and read earnestly. I would recommend the experience of MCH to anybody who likes the sea, a library and critical articulation."

Laxmi Priya, MA student (2014 - 2016)


  • Highly Qualified Faculty: Faculty at MCH have trained at some of the leading universities in India and abroad. Engaged in pioneering research, which contributes to their teaching, MCH faculty have published extensively, both nationally and internationally. 
  • Innovative Pedagogy: Inspired by international liberal arts programs, all courses at MCH encourage orginial thinking, engaging with latest scholarship and developing writing & communication skills. 
  • International Recognition: MCH is regularly visited by nationally and internationally renowned scholars and artists. 
  • Placements: Many MCH Alumni have gone on to have successful careers in media, publishing, education, NGOs, arts management, and doctoral programs in prestigious international and ivy-league universities.    
  • Student Activities: MCH has a diverse student population from some of the best colleges across the country. International students have come from countries such as France, Iran, Peru, Australia, Czech Republic, Italy and Thailand. The student community at MCH  have formed several vibrant forums - Film Club, Literary CLub, Sports Club, Theatre Club, Literary Journal. 
  • Academic Events: MCH hosts several national and international workshops/conferences/seminars/symposiums. Students get an opportunity to listen to and interact with top scholars in their field. 
  • MCH is home to a state-of-the-art Auditorium, an exclusive Art Gallery, and a very extensive Humanities Library. 

Select Student Achievements


Serene George, a second year BA student at MCH, has been selected for the Global Research Internship under MITACS 2019. As part of the internship, Serene will receive full funding and she will be in Canada from May-July 2019 at the University of Saskatchewan to assist Prof David Parkinson on the Project in International Collaborative Teaching (PICT). Students from UGC recognized universities are eligible to apply and the MITACS global internship is funded by the Federal Government of Canada.


Sneharshi Dasgupta, a third-year BA student at MCH, participated in a summer programme on ‘Political Theory and International Politics’ from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). The course helped the participants understand the trajectory of international political theory beginning from the Ancient Greeks to the present time and it also provided an understanding of the complexities pertaining to theory and its practice.

He was also selected as a part of the week-long ‘Global Leaders Programme’ organised by Exeter University, UK and Heritage Walk Calcutta. This GCRF-UK Government-funded programme was titled ‘Urban Heritage Issues in South Asia' where 15 undergraduates students from India and Exeter University were taught research approaches in documenting heritage histories in Kolkata. They also did a field visit to French and Danish colonies of Chandannagar and Serampore to experience heritage and restoration challenges in the region.


Kartik Mathur, a third-year BA Student at MCH, has been selected to participate as a delegate in the upcoming Global Goals Model United Nations meet to be held in Thailand from October 4th- 7th, 2019.

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