Enigma is a technical student society at ICAS with a focus on project-based learning and problem-solving. It consists of various departments, including Software Development, Research, Projects, and Creative Affairs. The society's vision is to create a collaborative tech community that leverages technology to address real-world issues. Its mission is to foster learning, innovation, and practical solutions through projects, research, and creative initiatives.

Enigma's Vision and Mission:

Vision: Enigma envisions a student community at ICAS that embraces project-based learning and leverages technology to solve real-world problems. It strives to create an environment where students collaborate, innovate, and contribute to technological advancements.

Mission: Enigma's mission is to foster a tech community among ICAS students by providing a platform for learning, collaboration, and project-based activities. The society aims to enhance the technical skills of its members, encourage research and development, and create practical solutions for real-world challenges.

Subsystems and their Goals:

Enigma consists of several departments, each with its own functions and responsibilities:

• Software Development: The Software Development Department is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining software products within Enigma. They focus on creating both new and existing software solutions that contribute to the technological growth of the society. The Software Development Department collaborates closely with other departments and society members to understand their requirements and develop tailored software solutions. This involves employing industry-standard coding practices, conducting thorough testing, and implementing robust security measures.

 • Research: The Research Division focuses on conducting research and developing frameworks based on publicly published research papers. Their objective is to explore and implement cutting-edge concepts and technologies that contribute to the growth of Enigma and address real-world challenges. Through the research subsystem members get the chance to work on research papers that could later be published in well-recognized journals or conferences. The Research Division actively engages society members in research activities, providing them with opportunities to delve deeper into their areas of interest. The division's responsibilities include identifying research topics of interest, conducting literature reviews, designing experiments, collecting and analysing data, and drawing meaningful conclusions. They collaborate with other departments to incorporate research findings into the development of innovative solutions and projects.

 • Projects: The project department works within Enigma and with other student projects on campus and companies to give its members a chance to work in real-world activities, where they can work on projects at a higher scale. They also coordinate with other departments within Enigma to identify projects or initiatives that require additional assistance and match interested students with those opportunities. The Projects Department plays a crucial role in providing students with valuable real-world exposure, expanding their skill sets, and fostering professional development.

• Creative Affairs: The Creative Affairs Department in Enigma is responsible for generating content that fulfils ICAS requirements and supports the activities of other departments. They leverage their creative skills to produce a variety of content, including graphic design, content writing, and other creative tasks. The department works closely with other departments to assist them in their creative needs. They provide graphic design support for various projects, creating visually appealing and impactful designs for promotional materials, event posters, social media content, and other visual assets. Additionally, they offer assistance in content writing, ensuring that articles, blog posts, and other written materials meet the technical and creative requirements of ICAS and Enigma. The Creative Affairs Department also focuses on creating engaging content to keep users engrossed in ICAS applications. They contribute to the development of non-technical and technical articles that cater to the interests and needs of the ICAS student community. By producing relevant and captivating content, they aim to enhance the user experience and encourage active engagement with the applications.


Enigma also fosters collaborations with other student projects on campus and external organizations. These collaborations aim to provide ICAS students with opportunities to participate in high-scale projects and gain valuable experiences. Enigma actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with student-led projects within the campus. By joining forces with these projects, Enigma aims to create a network of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and skill development.

Enigma also has collaboration with external corporate partners to provide internships and technical resources for its projects.

Furthermore, Enigma is planning to conduct research projects in collaboration with international partner universities. These research initiatives aim to foster academic collaboration, promote interdisciplinary research, and drive innovation. By partnering with universities, Enigma seeks to create an environment where students can engage in cutting-edge research, explore emerging technologies, and contribute to advancements in their respective fields.

These collaborations with student projects on campus, external organizations, and partner universities enrich the learning experience of ICAS students, provide exposure to diverse projects and industries, and foster a spirit of collaboration, innovation, and research-driven excellence within Enigma.

Boards of Enigma:


Founding President                                            Anmol Garg

Administrative Secretary                                   Carlin Simon Joseph

Creative Affairs Head                                         Anish Saha

Artificial Intelligence Department Head         Saurav Sabu

Data Analytics Department Head                    Anish Naik

Software Development Head                           Kavan Patel


President                                                              John F Aradan

Administrative Secretary                                   Baavansh Reddy

Creative Affairs Head                                         Pranav Balachander

Projects Department Heads                              Vinayak Sehgal; Abhishek Poddar

Research Department Head                             Apurva Lohia

Software Development Head                           Rithik Reddy Singireddy


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