June 06, 2022


The Pro Chancellor of MAHE, Dr H.S. Ballal, and the Vice Chancellor of MAHE, Lt. Gen (Dr) M.D. Venkatesh visited the MAHE Bengaluru off-campus centre on the 6th of June 2022. The day was special to all at MAHE-BLR as the first electric vehicle on the campus was inaugurated by Dr H.S. Ballal and thereafter he inaugurated the very first Auditorium of MIT-BLR thus ensuring that students could avail of this facility. The Vice Chancellor spoke about the excitement of being a part of the journey of growth of MAHE-BLR and enthused all the faculty and students to make the most of their time as a student and faculty, mutually benefitting from the ecosystem at MAHE-BLR. He also stressed the fact that MAHE-BLR is a multidisciplinary composite campus in the city of Bengaluru offering new-age courses and specializations.

Dr. H.S. Ballal in his address to the students spoke about how 'hard work' was the only mantra for students to go ahead in life and also assured all the stakeholders that MAHE would ensure that all amenities are in place for the students. He welcomed the first batch of students and faculty into the MAHE fold.