Department of European Studies


The Department of European Studies (DES) was established in December 2009 with a funding from the Delegation of European Union to India and became the only such department in any private university in India. It has the endorsement of the Delegation of European Union to India and the support of European institutions and organizations. It offers a multidisciplinary platform for studies in business and economics, history and international relations, law and governance, language, society and culture of Europe. Apart from a full two-year master program in European Studies, it also offers certificate courses in German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin languages with native speakers as teachers and in the areas of Bhagavadgita, and Indian ethics and epics.


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“DES is definitely a Centre of Excellence for European study programs in India emphasizing on bilateral academic exchange that benefits India and Europe both”.


– Silvia Constantini, First Counsellor, Political Affairs, Delegation of EU in India, during her visit in March 2015






“MA European Studies, a flagship program of the department, is unique and the only one of its kind in the entire country.”


– Dr Neeta Inamdar, Head, Departemnt of European Studies