Manipal Centre for European Studies




Since its inception in 2009, the Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) has distinguished itself as a premier centre in India for multidisciplinary studies on Europe and European Union institutions. Within a decade, in July 2018, the Department achieved an important distinction when it was awarded the esteemed Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence status - a recognition that strengthens the commitment of the Department to further India-Europe relations through academic programs, research projects, and university partnerships. 


It is led by Dr Neeta Inamdar, Professor and Head of the Department, who holds a Jean Monnet Chair in EU Economic Integration and European Identity.


  • BA Foreign Language and Intercultural Studies
  • MA European Studies
  • PhD Program
  • Certificate Courses
  • Summer and Winter Schools


MA European Studies


MA European Studies is a one-of-its-kind master program in India that caters to a growing interest in the study of Europe and European Union institutions, which is becoming increasingly relevant in a globalizing world. This multidisciplinary program creates a much-needed platform for graduates from various disciplines to align their academic and career prospects under the overarching and topical field of European Studies. With a unique opportunity to study a part of the program in a European partner university, this Master program is designed to foster the understanding of various aspects of Europe and the EU, centred around three specialization tracks: Business and Economics, Politics and International Relations, Cultural and Literary Studies


BA Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies


BA Foreign Languages and Intercultural Studies (BA FLIS) in French, German or Spanish is a unique undergraduate program in India that allows students to develop their interests in languages, cultures, places, literature, history etc., and convert them into internationally-recognized competences. The qualification and skills acquired are relevant to a wide range of careers – international organizations, corporate, administrative, academic, non-governmental sectors, to name a few, besides opening up interesting higher education opportunities whether in India or abroad.


Our Centres


  • Centre for Languages

The Centre for Languages is led by Mr Rahul Putty, who specializes in foreign languages and European society and culture.

The Centre offers Certificate Courses in European and Asian languages: German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Hindi, English, Sanskrit and Kannada.


  • Centre for Intercultural Studies and Dialogue

It is led by Dr Praveen Shetty, who holds Jean Monnet Module, Building Bridges: Indo-European Intercultural Dynamics. 

The Centre organizes regular Summer and Winter Schools largely attended by young Europeans.


  • Dvaita Philosophy Resource Centre

It is led by Mr Srinivasa Kumar N Acharya. The Centre conducts research, brings out publications and offers courses in Indian philosophy and Sanskrit studies.

DPRC offers Certificate courses in Bhagavad Gita, Indian Ethics and Epics, Digital Humanities and Sanskrit Computational Linguistics.



                                                                    VISION & MISSION



A Centre of Excellence to foster Indo-EU Educational Association by enhancing understanding based on knowledge sharing across disciplines and geographical boundaries.



Be the preferred destination of students and faculty with specific interests in Europe, European languages, history, culture and business.


  • To provide academic support for establishing closer links between the universities in India and the EU.
  • To encourage research in Indo-EU relations and their underlying factors.
  • To promote understanding between India and EU states by educating people about the culture, language, social and economic conditions on both sides.
  • To develop manpower that has knowledge of both India and the EU that will in turn help in the process of cooperation.
  • To generate common knowledge that will be beneficial to both India and the EU. 




Manipal Centre for European Studies (MCES) envisions an amalgamation of European and Indian cultures, traditions and strength for sustained development and growth for all. MCES plans to make a beginning by enhancing cooperation between educational enterprise in India and Europe.


MCES was inaugurated on December 17, 2009 with a funding from the Delegation of European Union to India to the tune of 299,000 Euros. This was also a part of the India-EU Study Centres Programme (IESCP) funded by the European Union for a period of two years ending in December 2011. The details are available at


MCES, established in partnerships with Hochschule Bremen University of Applied Sciences, Bremen, Germany, is the only Indian University department to be a part of the Consortium of European universities offering programmes in European studies. It has partner universities from across Europe today offering opportunities to faculty and students of master program in European Studies.


Today, MCES is a part of Interdisciplinary Bridges for Indo-European Studies (IBIES) Consortium that was selected for Erasmus Mundus scholarships.


Manipal Centre for European Studies has been awarded the Prestigious Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence award by the European Union.














" The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence is something special, a very prestigious award, but at the same time a confirmation of what the Manipal Centre for European Studies has achieved so far. This Centre is a commitment and I am convinced Manipal will continue to make progress. Manipal and this department is an excellent example in developing contacts, partnerships and relationships with different European Studies."


Tomasz Kozlowski
Ambassador of the European Union to India 






“MA European Studies, a flagship program of the department, is unique and the only one of its kind in the entire country.”


Dr Neeta Inamdar,

Head, Manipal Centre for European Studies