The Centre for Education Research (CER) is established at Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal, India to promote research on education which is at the heart of development. It recognizes education as a determinant and a driver of social, economic and intellectual transformation of the nation and its positioning within the global knowledge society.

Research on education – both school and tertiary levels – has been in progress in Manipal for a few years now. CER has now emerged as a common platform for continuation of these research projects with a team of young researchers guided by the experienced professors. Presently, research is being carried out in two clusters; School Education and Higher Education (HE).

Vision of CER
To be a Centre of excellence committed to quality, responsible and inclusive research in the field of education

Mission of CER
To be a preferred destination of researchers in the field of education with a multidisciplinary approach


  • To carry out quality research in education at both school education and higher education
  • To bring out research output that feeds into the policy making
  • To analyse existing policies and publish outcomes with added research output
  • To build research competences in education
  • To connect with other think tanks and other centres of education


The Centre is developed as per the vision of the former Vice Chancellor of MAHE, Dr H Vinod Bhat who is the Chief Mentor for this Centre. He is assisted by the following team members: