Frequently asked questions about MCES

Totally, four semesters. First two semesters compulsorily in Manipal and second and third semesters with an option to study at one of the partner universities in Europe.

It is not compulsory to study a part of it in Europe though it is highly encouraged. As the program is completely focused on European Union, it is strongly recommended that students get to study at least a part of it in Europe to get a first-hand experience.

No, it is not. But some partner universities may consider awarding a degree if two semesters are studied on their campus. 

Yes. Options to specialize are provided in the second semester itself. A student can either specialize in European Business and Economics, International Relations or Social and Cultural Europe. 

Yes, it is compulsory to learn at least one of the two foreign languages; French or German. A student is expected to have learned up to B1 level by the end of first year.

Yes, it is compulsory for every student to go through this three-week rigorous immersion program.

It depends on where a student decides to study. If a student decides to study in Manipal, it has to be paid here. If one decided to study it in one of the partner universities, it has to be paid directly to the partner university.

Scholarships are not available for the first year of the study. However, a student can apply for Erasmus Mundus scholarships for the second year of study in one of the partner universities in Europe. For details, visit

Yes, it is in a globalized world. There has been a civilizational connect between India and Europe always and a major factor of democracy that creates the necessary bonding. 

Yes, like any MA program, it is recognized

Faculty members in the department help students opt for the right partner university based on their background, strengths and language learning abilities. Final decision in this regard will be of students. 

Yes, the program is designed to make you ready for a job in one of the European institutions and international organization in different parts of the world.

There is no placement service as such. However, all possible support is extended to a student looking for an opportunity.