The Manipal School of Life Sciences (MSLS), Manipal established in 2002, became an independent identity in 2006 and is one of the top biotechnological institutes of the country.

MSLS is identified as TIFAC-CORE (Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council - Centres of Relevance & Excellence) under vision 2020 in the area of Pharmacogenomics. It actively promotes advanced research in India and abroad, supported by DBT, GOI in Translational Medicine, ICMR, DST, BRNS, and several other industry partners.

The mission statement of the center is to engage in cutting edge research, training, education and offer help to the community in the field of human health.


Core Competence

  • State-of-the-art research infrastructure, well-qualified researchers & faculty and nationally and internationally acclaimed research and translational programs related to human health
  • Supported by FIST, Government of India
  • Program Supports from Department of Biotechnology, Government of India in Translational Research
  • Selected under the K-FIST program
  • Selected as BT finishing school by Government of Karnataka


Areas of Research

  • DNA methylation regulated genes in cancer.
  • Genomics of human cancers.
  • Characterization of adult human stem cells in artificial skin.
  • Chemo-response modifications in human leukaemia.
  • Development of Arrays for Pathway Specific Pharmacogenomic Diagnosis of Human Diseases.
  • Molecular genetics of human diseases.
  • In vitro culture & in vitro mutagenesis in plants for somaclonal variation.
  • Study on Nematode infection in brinjal (Solanum melongena L.).
  • Genetic manipulation of plants for fungal disease resistance Secondary metabolites from microfungi.
  • Metal Analysis in Biological Samples using AAS.
  • Development of Automated Karyotyping software and development of Post epigenomic analysis pipeline



Research & Publication

It actively promotes advanced research in India and abroad. Research and developmental activities are also supported by DBT, GOI in Translational Medicine, ICMR, DST, BRNS and several other industry partners. The areas of research include Biotechnology, Radiobiology and Toxicology and Biophysics.


MU has best-in-class facilities for students of all constituent institutes

Access to hospital facilities gives student hands-on training.

Innovation Centre
State-of-the-art Innovation Centre facilitates multi-disciplinary research.

Laboratories give students the opportunity for practical experience.

Sports & Fitness
Marena has world-class facilities with courts for badminton, tennis, soccer & squash, as well as a well-equipped gymnasium.

Libraries give students access to study resources, digital, and print.

Student Housing
Student hostels are their homes away from homes.