Credit Transfer System

Studying abroad in a foreign country may be one of the most enriching experiences of a student’s life. It opens them up to a whole new dimension and changes them as a person. One starts to understand other cultures, handles situations with more confidence, and gets acquainted with the the ‘outside world’ faster than most others.  

To make foreign education more accessible to Indian students, Manipal’s International Center for Applied Sciences offers study abroad programs which allow students to enroll for an international transfer. Through this International Transfer Program, students can study the first two years of their chosen course in India, and the remaining two years in a country of their choice. Manipal ICAS has partnered with a number of reputed universities abroad which provide the students with limitless opportunities.

To make this study abroad possible, ICAS and its partner institutions allow transfer of credits that the students earn in their first two years. These credits are what make the students eligible to pursue their engineering abroad or B.Tech abroad. While it might sound complicated and confusing, the credit transfer is actually an easy process.

Here’s everything one needs to know about it:

 What is the Credit Transfer System?

The courses offered by ICAS Manipal carry certain credits, which is a measure of the learning hour put in by a student and successful completion of the same. Each course or module is worth a certain amount credits, and when students complete that course they gain those credits.

The credit system of grading is very commonly followed by a lot of foreign universities and recognize them as valid grades for the international transfer.  ICAS’ Credit Transfer System allows its students to transfer almost up to 100% of their credits from Manipal to the university where they choose to pursue their last 2 years of the course.

What is the criteria for transferring credits?

Every university has different credit transfer criteria. Indian students are commonly required to get an equivalence for their credits through World Education Services or its partner agencies, where their Indian credits will be evaluated for its worth in comparison to the university that you choose to go to. At ICAS Manipal, this procedure is not always necessary as the partner universities don’t require the same.

Is there a minimum requirement for credits?

Each university will have a different base number for the credits, but ICAS Manipal allows students to earn up to 90 credits in the first two years, which usually meets the minimum requirements of the partner universities.

For instance, a student wishing to transfer to a university in USA is required to have at least 60 credits in the first two years. As ICAS students can earn up to 90 (45 each year), they invariably meet the base criteria and become eligible for the transfer.

How to transfer credits?

  • Submit an application form indicating your choice of college, both to your college as well as to the destination college
  • Submit all necessary transcripts and documents listing down the courses you’ve completed, along with their description
  • After successful submission of all the required documents, you will receive an email from the university indicating how many of your credits are eligible for being transferred. Different universities may accept different number of credits. You can choose one that’s asking for the number of credits that you have.

To make sure that you have enough credits to visit a university of choice, you should ensure that you are making the best use of your time at ICAS Manipal. The credits will be automatically adjusted higher or lower to match the number of credits required by the foreign university, provided you are meeting the designated number as required by Manipal. The International Center for Applied Sciences, Manipal, guides students through every step of the process, making sure their study abroad dreams are realized and their experiences are seamless.