Get Industry–Ready with Manipal ICAS

The world out there is abounding with opportunities; but, it is also a land of challenges and obstacles. We are undergoing one of the biggest job crunches the world has seen in a long while and surviving it requires a great deal of preparation. According to surveys, we lack professionals with proper qualifications to fill critical roles that demands a good skill set. Earning a degree or diploma is no longer the basic qualification to land your dream job. Organizations expects to have candidates who possess some amount of working expertise to make their workflow easy. But how is it possible to have experience if you are a fresher! Why worry when Manipal ICAS is here!

Manipal Academy of Higher Education offers an awesome opportunity for you to find the best solution to all your worries about finding your dream job. Manipal’s ICAS provides training facilities equipped with a simulating centre which is one of the first unit among the private Indian universities. With the modern technologies and devices used there, students can make the most of their opportunities by learning how to manage real-time challenges and scenarios they may face in an industrial environment. High fidelity simulators like SimMan are being used for assessing student’s capability and understanding in ICAS exams, to assure good performance in their professional journey.

Manipal’s Innovation Centre is all about turning young talents to develop useful and socially responsible products and services. This is a huge opportunity for students to make use of the infrastructure the campus provides for their professional growth. Another opportunity that you are provided with is filing patents for your ideas and innovation with potential. Manipal produces an average of ten patented ideas every year. This not only adds value to your CV, but the patent process prepares you for a world of hurdles, chances and challenges in the real world set up. a target. An ICAS Canada student can use the work experience he gained from the innovation centre to find admissions in the best Canadian Universities for their study abroad and ultimately make it through to bigger opportunities in the industry abroad.

Engineering students have the best setup to test out and gain more knowledge by utilizing the CIF facility available under Manipal University. The Central Instrumentation Facility support research on fields like material sciences, bio sensors, organic photovoltaic studies. It is truly incredible to find an Indian university provide such excellent infrastructure to equip its students for their future. ICF takes pride in having very modern devices like Scanning Electron Microscope with Energy Dispersive analysis (SEM – EDAX), Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) etc.

Knowledge and experience is all that matters when you are passionate about your career. Worrying about the future should not be on your list. The International Centre for Applied Sciences, Manipal ensures quality education and training with industry standard facilities to prepare you for the future. When you graduate from ICAS, you are not just industry – ready but you are future ready!