Dr Alex Joseph

Associate Professor

Date of Joining: 08.04.2004

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


    Dr. Alex Joseph is Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at MCOPS.
    He is

    • Approved PhD Guide, guiding PhD students for their Doctoral Degree
    • Research Coordinator for Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry
    • Coordinator for Manipal - Schrodinger Centre for Molecular Simulations
    • Taking theory and practical classes for BPharm & MPharm students
    • Guiding PG students (2nd MPharm) for their research projects



Subject Semester / Year
Medicinal Chemistry-I Fourth Semester BPharm
Medicinal Chemistry-II Fifth Semester BPharm
Pharmaceutical Validation First Semester MPharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
Food Analysis First Semester MPharm (Pharmaceutical Analysis)
Pharmaceutical Analysis Practical-I First Year MPharm
Modern Bioanalytical Techniques Second Semester MPharm
Pharmaceutical Process Chemistry Second Semester MPharm
Molecular Modelling & Drug Design (Elective) Third Semester MPharm


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Pharmaceutical Chemistry/Analysis Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2009
M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Chemistry Periyar College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chennai 2000


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MCOPS Associate Professor 2011-till date
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MCOPS Assistant Professor 2009-2011
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MCOPS Senior Lecturer 2007-2009
Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, MCOPS Lecturer 2004-2007
Sri Guru Ram Rai Institute of Technology and Science, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Deharadun, Uttaranchal Lecturer 2001-2004
College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University, Cheruvandoor, Ettumanoor, Kerala Guest Lecturer 2000-2001


Area of Interest

Teaching Pharmaceutical Organic & Medicinal Chemistry, Research in the Area of Drug design, Drug Discovery and Development, Analytical Research & Development

Area of Expertise

Synthesis of heterocyclic organic compounds, Handling of drug design and molecular docking software like V-Life Sciences Molecular Design Suite, Autodock etc, Handling of advanced analytical instruments like U.V spectrophotometer, IR spectrometer, HPLC, GC-MS, LC-MS etc

Area of Research

Drug design, Synthetic Organic and Medicinal Chemistry, Phytochemical Investigation of Plant extracts, Chemical Modifications of Compounds Isolated from Natural Sources, In vitro and In vivo evaluation of compounds/ extracts for Anticancer, Anti-inflammatory, Antibacterial and Immunomodulatory activities, Analytical Research & Development

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Received Best Teacher Award of MCOPS for four times, in the year 2012-13 and 2014-2015, 2016-17, and 2018-19 respectively
  • Prof. M.L. Khorana Memorial Best Paper Award for year 2007- Best paper award in the field of Pharmaceutical analysis and Bioanalytical chemistry published in IJPS 69(4) 540-545 during the year 2007
  • Life member of Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI).
  • Life member of Kerala State Pharmacy Council.


In vitro and In vivo Anticancer Activity of Semisynthetic Derivatives of Betulinic acid

2019 Alex Joseph, K K. Srinivasan, Nampurath G. Kutty, Sudheer Moorkoth, Angel T. Alex, Naseer Maliyakkal

Latin American Journal of Pharmacy 38 (8), 1582-90, 2019 (Impact Factor: 0.4)

Neuromodulatory potential of phenylpropanoids; para-methoxycinnamic acid and ethyl-p-methoxycinnamate on aluminum-induced memory deficit in rats.

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Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Oxindole-Based Chalcones as Small-Molecule Inhibitors of Melanogenic Tyrosinase

2017 Sharad Kumar Suthar, Sumit Bansal, Niteen Narkhede, Manju Guleria, Angel Treasa Alex, Alex Joseph

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 65, 833–839, 2017 (Impact factor: 1.445)

In vivo Evaluation of Two Thiazolidin-4-one Derivatives in High Sucrose Diet Fed Pre-diabetic Mice and Their Modulatory Effect on AMPK, Akt and p38 MAP Kinase in L6 Cells

2016 Jayesh Mudgal, Shetty P, Netheen Reddy Akhila HS, Gourishetti K, Mathew G, Alex Joseph

Frontiers in Pharmacology 7, 381, 2016 (Impact factor: 3.845)

Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of oxindole derivatives as antidepressive agents.

2015 Sharad Kumar Suthar, Sumit Bansal, Md. Maqusood Alam, Varun Jaiswal, Amit Tiwari, Anil Chaudhary, Angel Treasa Alex, Alex Joseph

Bioorganic& Medicinal Chemistry Letters 25, 5281–5285, 2015 (Impact factor: 2.5)

1-Triacontanol cerotate; isolated from Marsilea quadrifolia Linn. ameliorates reactive oxidative damage in the frontal cortex and hippocampus of chronic epileptic rats.

2015 Snehunsu A, Chitrini G, Mamta K, Yadav Pramod K, Nayak BS, Raghavendra Rao K, Alex Joseph

Journal of Ethnopharmacology 172, 80-84, 2015 (Impact factor: 3.608)

Development and evaluation of carboplatin-loaded PCL nanoparticles for intranasal delivery.

2016 Alex AT, . Alex Joseph, Shavi G, Rao JV, Udupa N

Drug Delivery 23(7), 2144-2153, 2016 (Impact factor: 4.845)

Design and synthesis of novel 2-phenyl-5-(1,3-diphenyl-1H-pyrazol-4-yl)-1,3,4-oxadiazoles as selective COX-2 inhibitors with potent anti-inflammatory activity.

2014 Sumit Bansal, Manju Bala, Sharad Kumar Suthar, Shivani Choudhary, Shoumyo Bhattacharya, Varun Bhardwaj, Sumit Singla, Alex Joseph

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 80, 167-174, 2014 (Impact factor: 5.552)

Synthesis, in vitro anticancer and antioxidant activity of thiadiazole substituted thiazolidin-4-ones

2013 Alex joseph, Chaitanyakumar Shah, Suthar sharad kumar, Angel treasa alex, Naseer maliyakkal, Sudheer moorkoth, Jessy elizabeth mathew

Acta Pharm 63, 397–408, 2013 (Impact factor: 1.588)

Novel quinolone substituted thiazolidin-4-ones as anti-inflammatory,anticancer agents: Design, synthesis and biological screening

2013 Sharad Kumar Suthar, Varun Jaiswal, Sandeep Lohan, Sumit Bansal, Anil Chaudhary, Amit Tiwari, Angel Treasa Alex, Alex Joesph

European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 63, 589-602, 2013 (Impact factor: 5.552)

Analytical Method Development and Validation by HPLC & HPTLC, Preformulation Studies and Dissolution Method Development

2006-01-01 Tarunveer Singh

(PG), 2006.

Method development and validation for the estimation of related substances in tadalafil and assay of tadalafil by RP-HPLC

2007-01-01 Prithi Jain

(PG), 2007.

Synthesis of compounds as kinase inhibitor

2007-01-01 Mukul Lakhani

(PG), 2007.

Synthesis of Imidazolone and Quinazolinones derivatives as anticancer agents

2008-01-01 Aravind Pai


Synthesis and biological activity of thiazolidin-2-ones and indolin-2-ones

2009-01-01 Chithanya Shah

(PG), 2009.

Synthesis and biologicak evaluation of Quinolone substituted thiazolidinones and 3-substituted indolin-2-ones

2010-01-01 Sharad Kumar

(PG), 2010.

Synthesis and Biological evaluation of Quinolone substituted Quinazolinones and Imidazolones

2011-01-01 Santosh Kumar

(PG), 2011.

Novel benzopyrone substituted Thiazolidin-4-ones: synthesis and biological evaluation

2012-01-01 Rimjim Kumari

(PG), 2012.

Novel thiazole substituted thaiazolidinones: synthesis and biological screening

Jignesh Aghara

PG (2013-2014)

Synthesis and Biological evaluation of Thiazole Substituted Schiff bases and thiazolidin-4-ones

Manisha Singh

PG (2014-2015)