Student Mentoring

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Student Mentoring



  • Enable newly joined students to get accustomed to campus life and the programs
  • To facilitate the mentoring for poor performers at any stage during the education process..



Freshly admitted BPharm and PharmD students may face challenges in the following aspects such as  adaptation to new environment and academic schedule, to understand the needs of the curriculum, to develop healthy interpersonal relationship and also for personality development. This scheme is a unique initiative which can address the varying requirements of the students who are away from their parents and hometown.



This facility is enabled for students during the first year of their course, until the first university examinations. However, those with special needs such as poor academic performers, learning disabilities, or for any valid need felt by the parents, may be extended with the facility during the subsequent years of their education tenure as well.


Mentor/ Teacher guardian

A faculty selected as the teacher guardian should have fulfilled the following criteria:

  • Minimum 2 years of service at MCOPS.
  • Should be willing and have interest to become the teacher guardian and also should be willing to interact with the students on a regular basis.

List of mentors/teacher guardians so identified by the institution, will be send to the Directorate of Student Affairs, Manipal Academy of Higher Education. List will be updated as per the feedback.



  • At the time of admission, every student and parent will be briefed about the facility.
  • It is mandatory for all the first year students to be enrolled in the scheme.
  • Each teacher guardian may be allotted with 5-10 candidates.
  • At the time of orientation, the teacher guardian/mentor will meet the parents of his/her ward, elaborate to them about the scheme and provide them the necessary contact information such as his/her mobile number or email id. Also, the contact details of the parents such as address, mobile/office number, email id etc will also be collected then to ensure effective communication. Parents will be informed about the SIS (Student information Facility) portal so as to monitor their child’s attendance and performance in the internal examinations. The teacher guardian also can access to SIS portal to keep a track of their wards’ performance.
  • Students need to meet their teacher guardian regularly. They should also inform their TG regarding any leave, being out of station as well as change of hostel or residence.
  • In case of minor ailments, the teacher guardian may direct their ward to the Student Health Clinic for medical assistance. In case of admission to hospital, parents will  be informed about the situation.

Review Pattern

The teacher guardian has to present a quarterly report to the Head of the Institution/University Teaching Departments and the same could be forwarded to the Directorate of Student Affairs, Manipal Academy of Higher Education. This quarterly report will highlight student problems and necessary action taken. In situations where students or parents does not respond to the teacher guardian, the same will be reported to the Head of the Institution/University Teaching Departments and if necessary, to the Directorate of Student Affairs, Manipal Academy of Higher Education.