Venkatesh Kamath B

Assistant Professor-Senior Scale

Date of Joining: 03.11.2008

Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology


    Venkatesh Kamath B is Assistant Professor-Senior Scale in the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS.
    He is

    • Teacher for first year students, both BPharm and PharmD (theory and practical- Biochemistry and Medicinal Biochemistry)
    • Sports coordinator
    • Placement cell representative


Subject Semester / Year
Biochemistry (Theory & Practical) First year BPharm
Medicinal Biochemistry(Theory & Practical) First year PharmD
Modern Pharmaceutical Biotechnology First year MPharm
Bioprocess Engineering and Technology Lab First year MPharm


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MPharm Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2007


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Assistant Professor-Senior Scale 2013 Nov till date
Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS Assistant Professor 2013
Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, MCOPS Lecturer 2008-2012
Karavali College of Pharmacy, Mangalore Lecturer Microbiology, Jurisprudence, Pharmaceutics and Biochemistry 1 year and 1 month


Area of Interest

Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Industrial Microbiology, Fermentation Technology, Biochemistry

Area of Expertise

Microbiology Techniques, Fermentation Techniques, Molecular Biology Techniques

Area of Research

Soil Screening, Isolation Techniques, Potentiation of Antimicrobial Activity, Fermentation Technology

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

He is life member of IPGA and ACPI. 

Antimicrobial Profile of Extremophiles from Aqua to Terrestrial Habitats

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Design of cultural conditions for enhancement of alkaline protease production

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Isolation and screening of microorganisms from various soil sources for biological activity profile

Smrithi S

6th Semester BSc Biotechnology. To isolate and screen microorganisms from various soil sources for biological activity profile and study of biological activities. Study of biochemical tests. Gross morphological studies. Optimisation of parameters like pH, carbon source and trace element.