Our Centres

Centre for Intercultural Studies and Dialogue (CISD)

The Centre focuses on intercultural studies and dialogue in a multicultural environment. It aims at understanding the intricacies and nuances of plurilingual and multicultural societies concentrating on the cultural interactions and negotiations at various levels. It conducts research on these areas and offers a few hands-on cultural training and experience programs for the international population who visit Manipal and for the Manipal people who visit abroad.

The Centre has been hosting a 20-member team from Universities such as Lancaster University, who come from across disciplines, every year for the Explore India – A Cultural Encounter summer school that has been well received. This Summer School opens up one to the Indian ways of thinking and living at a microcosmic level. Manipal is truly a cultural hub due to the flow of people from other parts of the country and its location, and therefore, offers a real Indianness in its essence. This School portrays the intriguing and fascinating domestic diversity with well planned activities such as lecture-cum-demonstrations, workshops, and visits to significant places around.


·         Research projects on culture and communication studies

·         Summer and winter schools for international students

·         Certificate course in intercultural communication

·         Intercultural training workshops

·         Consultancy services to organisations

Erasmus Information Office (EIO)


Launched in 2019, EIO is an initiative by the Manipal Centre for European Studies with a vision of establishing an office dedicated to disseminating information about the Erasmus + program funded by the European Union and to guide students and staff at the MAHE campus who are participating or who want to participate in this program in different capacities.

EIO aims to aid students and staff with information about the various Erasmus+ initiatives like Staff and Student Mobility (ICM), Erasmus Mundus Joint Degrees, Capacity building in the field of Higher Education, Jean Monnet activities as well as other opportunities offered by the different European Union funding schemes. It aspires to extend support and encourage scholars at MAHE to apply for these programs and also to collaborate with other Higher Education Institutions within India and around the world. EIO also plans to venture into organizing information seminars at MAHE and eventually expand its scope of work.


·         To encourage more student and staff participation from Manipal in Erasmus Programme

·         To share former experiences and provide information to potential Erasmus beneficiaries in Manipal about student/staff mobility to Europe

·         To organize information seminars about Erasmus Programme in different institutions within MAHE

·         To conduct information seminars and cultural sensitivity workshops for Manipal students and international students in Manipal



What is Erasmus +?

Erasmus’ stands for European Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students. It is the European Union’s funding scheme which supports activities in the field of education, training, youth and sport. The program offers many opportunities for individuals and organisations from facilitating student and staff mobility to funding research projects in the field of higher education.


To know more visit link below

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To help you get started EIO has prepared an ‘Introduction to Erasmus– Version 1’ booklet which gives you a brief insight into what Erasmus has to offer and how you can participate. This booklet has been prepared for Indian Universities and individuals and thus, the eligibility criteria reflected is for India alone.

To download 'Introduction to Erasmus – Version 1'    Click Here

You can also write to us with your queries at projects.mces@manipal.edu



Erasmus Manipal Network (EMN)

Erasmus Manipal Network (EMN) is an initiative

By whom?

·         The beneficiaries of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship, Erasmus + Credit Mobility Project and other projects under the Erasmus program from Manipal

·         The network includes students and faculty members from Manipal who have had a chance to be a part of the Erasmus program

For Whom?

·         Aspiring students and faculty members from MAHE and around Manipal, who wish to participate in Erasmus program

·         Higher education institutions within and outside MAHE motivated to apply for the institutional projects in Erasmus program

Why do we need EMN?

·         Since the late 1980’s, the Erasmus program has facilitated student and staff mobility as well as contributed towards institutional cooperation between universities in Europe and the rest of the world

·         There is an increasing interest to participate in the Erasmus program within and around Manipal

·         Growing awareness and interest within MAHE to participate in Erasmus Programme

·         From 2013 to 2018, there have been more than 60 outgoing mobility including Erasmus and other fellowships to Europe from MAHE

Objectives of EMN?

·         EMN strives to widen this network in terms of its outreach and size

·         EMN aims to provide information to the aspiring beneficiaries of Erasmus program from Manipal

·         Erasmus experience – goes beyond books, a semester abroad is a culturally enriching endeavour – facilitate similar experiences for a larger community in Manipal

·         Similar yet different learnings from Erasmus experience – platform to share and learn from each other – bring out Dos and Don’ts for the aspiring Erasmus students and faculty members in Manipal