Clusters and Working groups


i) The School Education cluster

School Education cluster presently has an objective of continuing the three-year research project on Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). MAHE has significantly contributed to research in the field of multilingual education being the Lead in the CLIL@India Erasmus+ Capacity Building project This project had three European partners and three Indian partners apart from MAHE.

Presently, two PhD projects are in progress on school education which focuses on bilingual teaching-learning methods including Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) in the Indian context.


ii) The Higher Education cluster

Higher Education (HE) cluster focuses on different aspects of higher education like access, equity, governance, quality assurance, economics of education, sociology of education, policies on education and internationalization of higher education. A major project on internationalization of higher education and Bologna Process was completed recently funded by the Jean Monnet program of the European Union

Presently, four PhD projects are at different stages of progress under this cluster

  • Decision making of internationalization of higher education (IHE) in universities in India and Europe
  • Cross-border Higher Education and Global Citizenship Education
  • Cross-border Higher Education in the Populist Political Climate
  • Global Dimensions of Higher Education Regionalism