The Department of Dental Materials at MCODS Mangalore has a well-equipped Dental Materials Laboratory with instruments like metallurgical microscope.


Key features

  • A well-organised Dental Material Museum for undergraduate teaching
  • A small departmental library is adequately stocked with textbooks which can be referred to by everybody.


Core competencies

  • The science of dental materials involves learning about the physical, chemical, mechanical and biological properties of materials used in dentistry like impression materials, gypsum products, denture base resins, composite resins, metal & alloys, dental amalgam, dental cements, ceramics, auxiliary materials like dental waxes, cutting instruments and techniques like casting procedure.




Access to hospital facilities gives student hands-on training in dental procedures


Libraries have publications on the latest developments in oral healthcare


Laboratories give students the opportunity for practical experience

Research & Publications

The crucial research areas are investigations on hydroxyapatite coatings of Ti and Ti- 6Al- 4V for dental implants invitro evaluation of biocompatibility and biomechanics of silorane based restorative materials.