Indian Journal of Hospital Pharmacy

About IJCP

New era is witnessing the growth and fusion of Info-Pharma-Biotechnologies. Marching with this new era, roles and responsibilities of today’s pharmacists are changing. The concept of community pharmacists is as old as our civilization when special care of patient was taken by the family members and physician or assistant of physician. Today, the role of pharmacists is not confined to preparing and dispensing medication. Today’s pharmacist is actively involved in educating, caring and counseling patients not only about the medication but also diseases, work pattern, food habits, life style and future risk factors related with their health; in a true sense the pharmacist has became the patient’s friend, philosopher and guide. 

Association of Community Pharmacists of India and Manipal Academy of Higher Education has realised changing role and importance of community pharmacists in the development of community’s health. They have inspired, motivated and supported us to launch this journal in order to provide common platform for community pharmacists around the globe. 

Dr N Udupa 


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