Former Leaders

Udupa N Dr


Dr N Udupa

Principal (1997-2013)

He converted MCOPS into a beehive, always active. Workshops, quality improvement programmes, seminars, symposiums and staff development programmes became regular in the annual MCOPS calendar. Increase in the students' strength and initiation of new programmes necessitated the expansion of the infrastructure and staff.


MNA Rao Dr


Dr M N A Rao

Principal (1995-97)

This unassuming professor was a repertory of knowledge, be it in pharmaceutical chemistry or in administration.

Sankara S Prof


Dr S Sankara Subramanian

Director (1978-84)

A renowned phytochemist, Dr Sankara Subramanian was very keen to do research on the rich flora of this part of the world comprising the Western Ghats. The voluminous research that has been carried out on medicinal plants at MCOPS since the early eighties owes a great deal to Dr Sankara Subramanian's encouragement and guidance.

Gundu Rao P Dr


Dr P Gundu Rao

Director (1967-78)                                     Principal (1984-95)

He brought with him a lot of fresh ideas and dynamism. He has the enviable record of serving as Organizing Secretary for two IPCs, in 1972 (23rd) and, in 1990 (42nd) coinciding with the Silver Jubilee of the College. It was during his second tenure that the college was upgraded into an independent college, separate from KMC. 

N. Krishnamurthy Dr


Mr N Krishnamurthy

Director (1965-67)

He played a quiet, but significant role in the scheme of things at MCOPS. It was he who steadied the ship with his hard work in the company of a few members of the staff and supporting staff.

N K Basu Prof


Professor Nitai Krishna Basu

Director (1963-65)

He was the first Director, a medicinal chemist by specialization. His leadership qualities and experience in teaching and administration were the much-needed tonic for the college in its infancy. After being at the helm for two years between 1963 and '65, he demitted office.