Dr Sudheer Moorkoth

Professor and Head

Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance


    Sudheer Moorkoth teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students. 


Subject Semester / Year
Pharmaceutical Analysis-I Theory BPharm- First semester
Pharmaceutical Analysis-I Lab BPharm- First semester
Clinical Research Regulations MPharm- First semester
Regulatory Affairs practicals MPharm- First semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Ph.D. Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2009
MPharm (Master of Pharmacy) Pharmaceutical Chemistry MGR Medical University 2002
BPharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy) Bangalore University 1993


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, MCOPS, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Assistant professor 2009-2012
Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, MCOPS, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Lecturer 2008-2009
School of Medical Education, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam Lecturer, Senior lecturer


Area of Expertise

Organic synthesis Docking and QSAR studies Structural interpretation using various spectral techniques such as UV, IR, MS and NMR. Biological screening in the area such as anticancer, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial activities. Analytical method development using HPLC, GC-MS, UV

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

 Analytical Chemistry: Dr. Sudheer Moorkoth is also involved in developing analytical techniques using HPLC, GC-MS and LC-MS for drugs and other molecules. It includes pre-clinical and clinical studies. He conducts research on drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics and toxicological analysis. He is also involved in the biomarker profiling for various inborn errors of metabolism (IEM).

Synthetic chemistry: Dr. Sudheer Moorkoth also has expertise in the synthesis, characterization and biological evaluation of various heterocyclic molecules. He has synthesized and characterized forty novel aminoflavones. Expertise in the biological activity evaluation includes antioxidant activity, anticancer activity and anti-inflammatory activity.

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Life Member of Indian Pharmaceutical Association, 2004. 

Work Experience

Organisation Role Tenure
Johnson and Johnson India Limited Professional Service Executive Sales and after sales service

Synthesis and anti-cancer activity of novel thiazolidinone analogs of 6-aminoflavone

Sudheer Moorkoth

Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin of Japan, Vol. 63, (2010)

Synthesis, in vitro anticancer and antioxidant activity of thiadiazole substituted thiazolidin-4-ones

Alex Joseph Chaitanyakumar Shah Angel Treasa Alex Naseer Maliyakkal Sudheer Moorkoth Jessy Elizabeth Mathew

Acta Pharmaceutica, Vol. 63, (2013)

Evaluation of Chemical Interactions of Maleic Acid with Sodium Hypochlorite and Chlorhexidine Gluconate

Nidambur Vasudev Ballal Sudheer Moorkoth Kundabala Mala Kadengodlu Seetharama Bhat Syed Sajjad Hussen Shriram Pathak

Journal of Endodontics, Vol. 37, (2011)

Synthesis and evaluation of a series of novel imidazolidinone analogues of 6-aminoflavone as anticancer and anti-inflammatory agents

Sudheer Moorkoth Srinivasan K.K Alex Joseph Naseer M.

Med Chem Res, Vol. 22, (2013)

High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Assay for Ziprasidone in Plasma Samples: Application to Pharmacokinetic Studies in Rats

Swapnil Marghade Prashant B. Musmade Sudheer Moorkoth

Journal of Chromatographic Sciences, Vol.50, (2012)

Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for estimation of lafutidine in bulk drug and in solid dosage forms

2012-01-01 Sunny Kumar

(M Pharm), 2012, Second Year. Developed a novel analytical method for estimation of lafutidine in bulk drug and in solid dosage form. The developed method is very economical, simple. The method is fully validated as per the ICH guidelines. The method was used successfully for the stability testing of Lafutidine at various stress conditions.

Development and validation of stability indicating assay method for effaverinz in bulk drug using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

2011-01-01 Asish Dubey

2011, Second Year. Effaverinz is an anti-HIV drug. An analytical method was developed for the estimation of Effaverinz in bulk drug, using HPLC method, which can be used with LC-MS. The developed method was compatible with LC-MS for estimation as well as for the determination of stability at various stress conditions. Additionally the method is able to predict various degradation products from the mass spectra of the degradation products.

Development of quality management systems (QMS) in PERD centre and evaluation of quality assurance activity in analytical lab

2010-01-01 Swapnil Merghade

(M Pharm), 2010. The project was performed at PERD centre Ahmedabad. The project aimed at evaluating the present quality assurance activity at PERD centre and to suggest various changes. A quality Management System was developed for the PERD centre.

Regulatory frame work in implementation of ICH Q9 guidelines”,

2012-01-01 Amrita Das

(MSc in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs), 2012. A possibility for the implementation of quality risk management at pharmaceutical industry was studied. After reviewing the ICH and PICS guidelines various suggestions were proposed for implementing the QRM and thus to reduce the risk and loses and time delays for a company which ultimately leads to profit for a company.

Biosimilars registration requirements in US and Europe and the fate of Indian companies

2011-01-01 Yogesh Gujar

(MSc in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs), 2011. Biosimilars are the generic versions of biologic drugs. There are differences in regulations due to the complexity of the biologics. The work analyses various regulations put forward by USFDA, EMEA and CDSCO, and concludes on the possibility of Indian companies to tap the profitable bio similar market in US and EU.