It is an official body constituted every year for the students to look into the various activities of students during the academic year.  


It coordinates the following activities

  • College Cultural Fest - SANSKRITI

  • Pharma Quora – A festival to unearth the literary and scientific talents of students

  • Community services offered by students of the college like Blood donation camp, Health Awareness camps, visit to various locations of the under privileged and spread awareness about hygiene, cleanliness etc.

  • Sports activities for the students

  • Participation in UTSAV – the Cultural Fest of the University

  • National programs directed by UGC like Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Rashtriya Ekta Diwas, National Education day, etc

  • Independence day and Republic day

  • Students’ exchange program

  • Volunteer services organized by VSO

The Association activities can be further subdivided under the following sub committees:

  • Academic Committee (AC) The AC will be responsible for activities related to the pharmacy curriculum, research activities and professional development activities in line with IPSF. The activities will be aimed to encourage the development of core skills required by pharmacists to optimize health outcome. The activities may include but not restricted to:  on-campus faculty mentored project works, research publications, training in soft skills, pharmacy profession awareness campaign, patient counselling and clinical skills, participation in conferences, symposium, organizing annual pharmacy fest “Pharmaquora”
  • Community Development Committee (CDC)The CDC will be responsible for activities related to improvement in public health projects. The activities may include but not restricted to: Tobacco alert campaign, HIV/AIDS awareness campaign, TB campaign, Health living and diabetes campaign, World Health day celebration, Health Camps.
  • Student Exchange Committee (SEC) The SEC will be responsible for bilateral and unilateral exchange of students for short term projects or internships through IPSF, IASTE and AIESEC. The SEC will be responsible for sending and receiving all communications to IPSF, creating IPSF awareness, Development fund program of IPSF.
  • Editorial Committee (EC)(Incessant) The EC will be responsible for publishing and printing the yearly magazine “Incessant” and other editorial communications.
  • Cultural Committee (CC) The CC will be responsible for all social and cultural activities of the association. The activities may include but not restricted to: yearly installation of association, inter-batch cultural competition “Sanskriti”, inter-college cultural competition “Utsav”, inter university events.
  • Sports Committee (SC) The CC will be responsible for all sports activities of the association. The activities may include but not restricted to: inter-batch sports competition “Athlos”, inter-college and inter-university sports events.




Abhipsa Mehndiratta

Vice President

Sanal Simon

General Secretary

Deepak Karunakaran

Editor-Editorial Committee

Pinnapati Pranathi

Secretary- Cultural Committee

Surjonarayan Motilal

Secretary- Sports Committee

Ishika Raj

Secretary-Community Development Committee

Keerthana Krishnan
Secretary – Student Exchange Committee

Adithya M S



Staff advisors

Community Development Committee (CDC)

Dr. Prasanna Kumar

Student Exchange Committee (SEC)

Dr. Anup Naha

Editorial Committee (EC)

Dr. Rekha R Shenoy

Cultural Committee (CC)

Dr Bhavana B Bhat

Sports Committee (SC)

Dr Vasudev R Pai

Academic Committee (AC)

Dr. Pradeep M Muragundi

Disciplinary Committee

Dr. S. G. Vasantharaju