Pharmacy Literacy Club 


Objective of the Club

PLC is a students’ initiative to provide a platform for capacity building in the best clinical pharmacy practices & research, and Pharmaceutical public health services.

 Purpose of the Club

  • Provide a platform for students to involve in team-based learning and impart knowledge to society on the rational and safe use of medicines.
  • Developing leadership skills by engaging in community outreach programs.
  • Capacity building among the students to be a pharmaceutical public health champions.
  • Foster the research culture among students on evidence-based pharmacy.
  • Updating scientific knowledge on evolving clinical practice decisions.
  1. Membership is open to any currently enrolled students, faculty, and alumni of the Department of Pharmacy Practice.
  2. Only currently enrolled students are allowed to run the club.
  3. Current members may bring up new ideas during the open floor session of regularly scheduled meetings.


  • Guest talk/ Grand Rounds
  • Community out-reach programs
  • Organizing professional events (Conferences, Workshop, symposium, etc)
  •  Networking with alumni
  • Collaborating with similar interest groups
  • Career promotions
  •  Publishing newsletter "DigiDose"
  • Competitions and fairs certifications
  • Fundraisers – via sponsorship


  •  A quarterly newsletter “ DigiDose” will be published and distributed to all the department staff and students.
  • The content of the newsletter may include, but is not limited to: club activities, meeting schedules, scientific articles, health literatures, department activities, etc.
  • The newsletter will contain factual information and will not contain personal opinions (e.g., political).