The Government of India launched the quality improvement program in 1970. One of the many objectives of the program is to upgrade the expertise and capabilities of the faculty members of the degree level institutions in the country. In QIP, only sponsored teachers are eligible for admission to both Master’s and Doctoral degree programs, with an aim to enable teachers to acquire Master’s / Doctoral degrees and imbibe in them a culture of research and better teaching educational capabilities by exposing them to the environment of the institutes of study

There are three main activities under QIP serving the faculty of degree level institutions:

  • Providing opportunities to faculty members to improve their qualification by offering admissions to Master’s and PhD degree programs
  • Organizing short term courses for serving teachers
  • Curriculum development [CD] cell activities which help to improve classroom teaching and learning

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences is one such QIP nodal cell, among ten pharmacy institutes across the country which started in 2005. A total of six faculty members from various parts of the country have successfully completed their MPharm through QIP. Similarly, with this scheme, twelve of them received their PhD degrees.

QIP coordinator details: Professor C Mallikarjuna Rao, Principal, MCOPS, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal- 576104, Tel: 0820 2922482, fax: 0820 2571998, email: mallik.rao@manipal.edu; office.mcops@manipal.edu

Short term QIP programs conducted at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

S No




Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs- An Update

19th Sept - 1st Oct 2005


Emerging Areas in Drug Discovery & Development

7th - 19th November 2005


Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Sciences

30th - 11th February 2006


Challenges & Opportunities in Pharmaceutical Research

12th - 24th November 2007


Search & Research – Gateway to Pharma Knowledge

4th - 16th August 2008


Opportunities & Challenges in Clinical Research & Management for Better Patient Care

18th - 30th August 2008


Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Heterocyclic Compounds & Advances in Instrumental Methods of Analysis

20th Oct - 1st Nov 2008


Nanotechnology & Nanomedicine for Improved Drug Delivery & Better Health Care Management

3rd - 15th November 2008


Patient Care Through Pharmaceutical Prospecting and Marketing

2nd - 14th February 2009


New Frontiers in Drug Discovery and Development

1st - 14th June 2010


Challenges in Translational Research

1st - 14th June 2011


Drug Discovery and Development- Quest for Novel Targets

28th - 8th June 2012


Natural Products and Disease Management- An Update

9th - 23rd June 2012


An insight into Bio-pharmaceuticals- Technologies, Analysis and Regulatory Issues

25th June - 7th July 2012


Leads from natural and synthetic sources

3rd - 15th June 2013


Biosimilars- Technologies and Prospects

17th - 29th June 2013


Production to Prescription – Opportunities for Innovation

1st -13th July 2013


Management of Innovative Drug Development

16th - 28th June 2014


Frontiers in Pharmacology of Drug research & Recent trends in Pharmacy Practice

5th - 17th January 2015

20 New chemical entities and Biosimilars: Strategies for design and development 18th - 31st January 2016
21 Recent trends in Drug-Product Development, Phytopharmaceuticals and Analytical Techniques

15-27 Feb 2016


22 Formulation and management of quality medicines 12th - 24th September 2016
23 Emerging Insights & Approaches in Pharmacological and Phytochemical Research

28 Jan – 10 Feb, 2017


24 Emerging Trends in Health Care: Bench to Bed side

6-18 March, 2017


24 Manufacturing, Marketing, Management and Regulations of Drugs & Biological Products

11-23 Sept, 2017


25 Challenges and Strategies for drug design and formulation development

13-25 Nov, 2017


26 Translational Research in Modern and Indigenous Medicine 5-17 March, 2018