The objective of professional education is to make a student fend for oneself. One can get educated in any registered college or university. However, pursuing education in reputed college is something important. MCOPS which has been imparting education for the students for last 50 years is known for quality education principles.



The college has never compromised in recruiting qualified faculty who are meant to imparting education to its students. Today, the college has more than seventy qualified faculty, more than 80% of this with highest qualification namely PhD. The faculty are involved in various research projects to improve their research capabilities. Besides these, the faculty members regularly attend workshops and seminars to upgrade themselves with the latest development in the field of pharmacy. Apart from this, the university has got an internal built in department namely Manipal Centre for Professional Development – MCPD, which conducts regular pedagogy and personal development. The faculty are to undergo this on a routine basis. There is an in-built analytical system developed by Manipal Academy of Higher Education to assess the quality of its faculty, evaluate on the basis of performance of faculty to bring in the checks and balances.


Development of curriculum/course work

MCOPS is a constituent institution of the famous Manipal Academy of Higher Education. As per the university procedure, the college has to continuously update the courses and their contents suitable for the current needs of the profession. To assess these, university has a body namely the Board of Studies, which complies to the highest body of the university namely Academic Senate of Manipal Academy of Higher Education, which meets three times a year. This academic freedom has given greatest opportunity for MCOPS to develop the syllabi that is more appropriate to the profession of pharmacy. While modifying the contents suitable to the current needs of the profession, the Board of Studies work within the framework of regulatory bodies governing the profession of pharmacy in india.


Conduct of educational program

The academic council of MCOPS meets in the beginning of the year and develop the calendar for the entire year to frame the guidelines for the course instruction and to plan for the education program in theory and practical. The content delivery is continuously monitored by the Quality Management System, ISO, developed in the institution. Once the program is planned, it cannot be deviated without any valid reason. For instance, a student who is admitted to MCOPS would know when he would be facing the examinations and when he would be going home for vacations, during and at the end of academic sessions. It is important to know that Manipal Academy of Higher Education, so far has no history of delaying/postponing/cancelling of University examinations once scheduled and notified.

The course content is delivered to the student using the most modern state of the art technology. MCOPS adopts various teaching methodologies such as classroom lectures, seminars, assignments, group discussions, problem based learning, mini/major projects, bedside teaching etc, wherever is necessary and appropriate, to make the student more comfortable in the learning process.


Student Assessment

The college uses the most appropriate and fair methods of evaluation of the students’ performance in the examination at the college level and at university as well. At the college level, sessional exams are conducted periodically and the students are notified the mistakes they have made in the examinations. They are also given suitable suggestions to overcome their mistakes. The university examination follows the most transparent and fair assessment method. The coded answer scripts are evaluated by internal and external examiners independently.  The system demands a third evaluation if there is a variation of 15% between the two evaluators. The results are declared within two weeks since the last date of examination.



The college is very sympathetic towards the underperforming students. To address their issues, the faculty conducts extra/special coaching after identifying their weaknesses. If authorities find necessity, the students will be referred to university professional counsellor to overcome their problems.