Dr. Hari Prakash P

Associate Professor

Department of Speech and Hearing


    Hari Prakash P is Associate Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing, MCHP, MAHE, Manipal.

    He is:

    • II MASLP Class cordinator
    • BOS: member for UG and PG
    • Clinical Incharge: Electrophysiology Lab
    • Teaching: Undergraduate / Post graduate
    • Clinical supervision & patient care
    • Guide: Conferences / Paper presentations/ Dissertation/ PhD



Subject Semester / Year
Hearing Devices II MASLP
Clinical Teaching I Sem MSc. Audiology
Clinical Teaching V Sem BASLP
Diagnostic Audiology – Part-2 II BASLP, 4th Semester
Neurophysiology of Hearing I MASLP


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD Speech and Hearing School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal 2016
MSc Audiology All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore University, Mysore 2005
BSc Speech and Hearing All India Institute of Speech and Hearing, Mysore University, Mysore 2003


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Dept. of Speech & Hearing, Manipal College of Health Professions, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal Associate Professor Teaching and Clinics 2016 - till date
Dept. of Speech & Hearing, School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal Assistant Professor – Selection Grade 2012 - 2016
Dept. of Speech & Hearing, School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal Assistant Professor 2006 - 2012
All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH), Mysore University, Mysore Senior Audiologist 2005 - 2006

Aided auditory cortical potentials in Older Children and Adults with Hearing Impairment

2016 - 2019

Department of Science and Technology – Cognitive Science Research Initiative (24,00,000) Role: PI

Visual Integration in cortex: An exploratory study using cortical evoked potentials

2017 – 2019

Department of Science and Technology – Cognitive Science Research Initiative (16,38,000 ) Role:; PI

Unfolding the top-down and bottom-up processing deficits in individuals with learning disability: A systematic study using dichotic forced attention

2018 - 2021

Department of Science and Technology – Cognitive Science Research Initiative (56,41,400) Role : PI

Association of occupational ionizing radiation exposure with hearing among health professionals

2019 - 2021

Indian Council of Medical Research (1842750) Role: Co PI

Adaptation of iCBT in Indian Languages: Tamil, Hindi and Kannada


Indian Council of Medical Research (37,0000)


Area of Interest

Neurophysiology, Diagnostic Audiology, Cognitive neuroscienceElectrophysiology, Diagnostic Audiology

Area of Expertise

Diagnostic Audiology, Auditory Cognition, APD . Clinical expertise: Hearing assessment and rehabilitation

Area of Research

Auditory cognitive neuroscience, EEG/ERP, Learning Disability, Tinnitus, Cochlear Hearing loss

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life member of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)
  • Life member of Indian Speech & Hearing Association (ISHA)
  • Life member of Indian Speech & Hearing Association –Manipal Chapter

Professional memberships

Professional body


Year of membership

Rehabilitative Council Of India



Indian Speech and Hearing Association



Indian Speech and Hearing Association- Manipal chapter



IEEE P2650 Working Group – Audiomteric standards for mobile phones




Organizing secretory for the national conference (3 times) which is accredited by Rehabilitative council of India.

·         Initiated Newborn hearing screening in NICU and well-baby at Karsturbha Hospital, Manipal.

·         BOS member for UG and PG programs

·         Doctoral Advisory Committee member – 05 candidates

·         Adapted iCBT (Internet-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), an intervention module can an intervention module for patients with tinnitus. (http://www.tacklingtinnitus.in)

Developed Dichotic tests are available online with free access to professionals (https://osf.io/5sreq/


·         Hari Prakash P., Mayur Bhat., Hemanth N. Objective validation of hearingaids using late latency response. Ed. Hemanth N., & Nambhi A (2020). Clinical aspects of hearing aids. Mysuru, Karnataka: Indian Speech and Hearing Association.  

Click here to view publications- manipal.pure.elsevier.com

The Influence of tinnitus on attention and habituation using event related potentials – An exploratory study

Student: Harini V Colleague :Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Ph.D: Guide

Comparison of cognition between elderly individuals with and without hearing loss

Student: Sankalpa M Colleague: Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Ph.D: Guide

Perceptual, Attention and Executive control processes in normal individuals and individuals with learning disability using dichotic listening: An Event-Related potential study

Student: Mayur Bhat Guide: Dr. Krishna Y

Ph.D. : Co-Guide

Development and validation of dichotic non speech test

2018 Rajashree Ganesh Bhat

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Printing press workers towards Noise- Induced Hearing Loss

2017 Ramziya Basheer Bharghavi P G

The Influence of Neural Synchrony on Auditory Middle Latency and Late Latency Responses and its correlation with Audiological profile in individuals with Auditory Neuropathy

2017 Renjitha P

Influence of Age and Age related Hearing Loss on Cortical evoked Auditory Potential

2017 Cathy Charles

The Influence of Tinnitus on Cortical Reorganization and Auditory Selective Attention : An Exploratory Study

2017 Harini Vasudevan Dr. Balakrishnan

Comparison of hemispheric asymmetry in Normal learners and poor learners using dichotic listening: An ERP study

2016 Mayur Bhat

Perception of mistuned harmonics in hearing impaired individuals – An Event-Related Potential study

2016 Shiphali S

Hearing Aid Acclimatization in Adults with Hearing Impairment

2015 Sakti prasad mohanty Dr. Archana G

Audio-visual Integration of Meaningful Objects using Cortical Evoked Potentials

2015 Rukmangathan TM

Effect of Visual Distractor and Attention Type on Auditory P300

2014 Akhila Sebastian

Influence of Circadian Rhythm on Auditory P300: An Exploratory Study

2014 Thomas Zackaria

Effect of Sensorineural Hearing Loss On Speech Evoked Auditory Latency Response

2014 Alisha

ACC Normal using Channel & Channel Free Hearing Aid processed Signal

2013 Harshitha Ramesh Dr. Kishan M M

Effect of Literacy on P300 & MMN

Aditi Modi Dr. Gopee Krishanan

Maturation of P1 response in pediatric hearing aid user

2012 Suhas K Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Latency intensity function of speech-evoked auditory brainstem responses in a normal hearing population

2012 Hari C Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Development of Dichotic Consonant-Vowel (CV) Material & Standardization in Malayalam

2012 Manita Thomas Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Time Compressed Speech Test in Kannada in Young and Aging Adults

2011 Megha Rao Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Kannada Staggered Paired Word Test

2011 Lijji George Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Development of Speech in Noise Test in Kannada

2011 Geetha B Geetha B

Binaural Interaction with Cochlear Implants used in conjunction with hearing aid in the contralateral ear

2010 Himanshi Singh Dr. B. Rajashekhar

ASSR & ALLR in Hearing aid evaluation

2010 Shashu Kumar D C Dr. B. Rajashekhar


Insight into efferent mechanism using contralateral suppression of TEOAE & Acoustic reflex threshold with Contralateral Noise in Adults

2010 Shreebha Sreedhar Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Comparative study of TEOAE using Speech & Non-Speech Stimuli Relationship between ASSR and VEMP in profound hearing loss

2009 Mellisa Monteiro Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Binaural Interaction component of Speech evoked ABR in children with learning disorder

2009 Deepthi K J Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Effect of hearing impairment and Amplification a cortical response

2009 Archana D Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Time-compressed speech test in Kannada

2008 Shriya Basu Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Effect of noise added speech stimuli on the auditory response in learning disordered population

2008 Aravind Kannan Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Effect of amplification characteristics on cortical response

2008 Hemanth N Shetty Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Brainstem encoding of F0 in CI users – An electrophysiological study

2008 Ganapathy Dr. B. Rajashekhar

The Neural encoding of speech sounds in infants using ABR

2008 Jazina Nasir Dr. B. Rajashekhar

Low pass filtered speech test in Kannada

2008 Ushanjani Dr. B. Rajashekhar