Dr. Saikiran P

Assistant Professor, Incharge & Head

Department of Medical Imaging Technology


    Dr. Saikiran P is an Assistant Professor,Incharge and Head in the Department of Medical Imaging Technology, SOAHS, Manipal.

    He is guide for Post graduate and Intern thesis


Subject Subject code Semester
Instrumentation of Conventional and Specialized radiology equipments Paper II First year / M.Sc., MIT
Radiation Physics BMIT 101 First Year/ B.Sc. MIT
Radiation safety in Radiodiagnosis BMIT 208 Second year/ B.Sc., MIT
Recent trends in Digital Imaging BMIT 307 Third year/ B.Sc., MIT


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
Bachelor of Science Imaging Technology Sri Ramachandra University 2010
Master of Science Imaging Technology Sri Ramachandra University 2012
Doctor of Philosophy Imaging Technology Sri Ramachandra University 2016


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
B N Patel Institute of Paramedical and Science Assistant Professor Teaching 2016 to 2017
Department of Medical Imaging Technology, SOAHS, Manipal Assistant Professor Teaching 2017 till date

Assessment of Accuracy of Preoperative High Resolution Computed Tomography Temporal Bone Measurements in Predicting the Visualization of Round window as viewed through Facial Recess

Dr. P. Saikiran Dr. R. Rajeswaran Dr. A. Ravikumar Dr. P M Venkatasai Dr. N. Paarthipan

Sri N.P.V. Ramaswamy Udayar Founder chancellor Fellowship


Area of Interest

CT, MRI and Molecular Imaging

Area of Expertise

Advance techniques in MRI

Area of Research

Usefulness of HRCT temporal bone and MRI Cochlea in pediatric cochlear implantation

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

Professional Affiliations:

  • Gold Medal in B.sc., Allied Health Sciences, Ph.D. in Medical Imaging Technology

HRCT Correlation with Round window Identification during cochlear implantation in Children

Saikiran P Rajeswaran R Ravikumar A Venkata Sai PM Paarthipan N.

J Clin Imaging Sci. 2014; 4: 70.

Preoperative HRCT temporal bone measurement useful for cochlear implantation in children: Correlation between Pre-op HRCT and surgical measurement.

Saikiran P Rajeswaran R Ravikumar A Venkata Sai PM Paarthipan N

International Journal of Recent Trends in Science and Technology. March 2015; 14(2): 460-464.

Multimodality approach in evaluation of common crus aplasia

2017-01-01 Saikiran P Rangasami Rajeswaran Mohanty S Sanjeev Radhakrishnan Prabhu Radhan

Indian Journal of Otology. 2017; 23 (3): 211-215.