Message from the Director

The Manipal Centre for Humanities (MCH) was started with the ambitious vision of helping revitalize college education in the humanities in India. Manipal Academy of Higher Education gave us the freedom to hire the best research and teaching talent, so now we have some of the best minds at one place on a beautiful campus.

We are committed to providing an enabling environment where young students are viewed as potential scholars and entrepreneurs. We encourage students, from the very first day, to evolve their unique intellectual potential so that they are part of the excitement of the latest research, on par with the best in the world. We also believe that these same skills--excellent communication, a sense of citizenship in traditional and modern India, versatility that enables them to adapt to any organization--will stand them in good stead in later employment in any sector.

The faculty, along with dedicated peers, help every step of the way and students utilize this to blaze a distinct, energetic trail of ideas and execution.