Centre for Community Oncology (CCO)


The rising trend of cancer in India has been attributed to changing life styles owing to rapid industrialization and urbanization in a fast growing economy with scant screening activities.

An estimated 7 lakh new cases and 3 lakh deaths occur annually due to cancer. Of these, cancers of oral cavity and lungs in males and cervix and breast in females account for over 50% of all cancer deaths in India as per the national cancer registry statistics, 2010. These are further compounded by behavioural risk factors such as regular tobacco use, low physical activity and an unhealthy diet. 

Evidence shows that one-third of cancers are preventable, another one-third curable if detected and treated early, while the remaining one-third can be assured of quality life through palliative care. This initiative is an attempt to facilitate affordable cancer care to the community at large.


Vision & Mission

  • To be a centre of excellence for the prevention and control of cancer in the community.
  • Bring about cancer control by primary, secondary and tertiary prevention activities. 



1. Cancer prevention & control activities

Primary, secondary & tertiary levels of prevention will be the focus of the facility. Needs assessment, awareness campaigns, early detection & referral will be the immediate focus. In due course a palliative care component will be included.    


2. Research

To foster research in the area of cancer prevention & control and facilitate the output of quality publications and research grants.


3. Capacity building, training and mentorship:

Professional training programmes as listed below would be implemented in a phased manner:

  • CMEs, Updates and training workshops on prevention & early detection of common cancers
  • Certificate course in preventive oncology
  • Fellowship programme in Palliative Care
  • PhD & post -doctoral fellowship

4. Consulting services for establishing Preventive Oncology activities


Ongoing Research Activities:

  1. Improving access to cancer screening, diagnosis & treatment in rural communities – the Manipal Initiative.
  2. Perception of breast and cervix cancer and factors affecting utilisation of health care services among women in coastal Karnataka, India: A qualitative survey.
  3. Validation of Autoantibodies and their combined Role with Clinical, Anthropometric and Behavioral factors in predicting Breast Cancer Risk in Indian Women.
  4. Validating iBE as an early detection tool for breast lumps in community settings.


List of Staff Members & their Roles


1. Thejas Kathrikolly, PhD Scholar: Pursuing her research in the area of biomarkers for early detection of Breast Cancer. Is also instrumental in facilitating related research activities besides planning and conducting specific awareness & educational events.

2. Pushpa, MSW: Is responsible for scheduling awareness activities and carrying out the same in consultation with the coordinator. She also ensures follow up of individuals requiring further evaluation after initial screening

3. Akshatha, clerical staff: Is responsible for maintaining all communications & other documents necessary for furthering the activities of the Centre. She is carrying out these activities besides her duties with the Centre for Bioethics & the Directorate of Student Affairs 


Supporting members & departments / centres

  • N. Sreekumaran Nair, PhD, Centre for PHESA & Department of Statistics, MAHE
  • Vidyasagar MS, MD, Department of Radiotherapy & Oncology, KH, Manipal
  • Ramachandra L, MS,  Department of Surgery, KH, Manipal
  • Stanley Mathew, MS, Department of Surgery, KH, Manipal
  • Ranjitha S Shetty, MD, Department of Community Medicine, KMC, Manipal
  • Muralidhar Kulkarni, MD, Department of Community Medicine, KMC, Manipal
  • Shyamala G, MS, Department of OBGyn, KH, Manipal
  • Deepak Nayak, MD, Department of Pathology, KMC, Manipal
  • PU Saxena, MD, Department of Radiotherapy & Oncology, KH, Mangalore
  • Binu VS, PhD, Department of Statistics, MAHE
  • Nakul Uppal, MDS, Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore
  • Sanjay Pattanshetty, MD, Department of Public Health & Health Literacy Unit, MAHE
  • Sebestina Anita Dsouza, PhD, Department of occupational Therapy, SOAHS
  • Rajesh Sinha, PhD, Department of Health Informatics, SOAHS
  • Keerthana Prasad, PhD, School of Information Sciences, Manipal



Suma Nair, MD

Contact: cco.mu@manipal.edu