Clinical Epidemiology Unit (CEU)

Excellence in clinical research.



Clinical Epidemiology Unit is committed to training and conduct of clinical research to promote evidence based practice.



Research in Clinical Practice within hospitals and department of Manipal Academy of Higher Education.



  • Coordinate research at intra and inter departmental level in K.M.C. Manipal.
  • Encourage clinical research through inter institutional cooperation.
  • To Liase with industry for diagnostic / device related clinical research.
  • Capacity building of health care professionals in the field of clinical research methods and biostatistics.



  • Conduct Certificate courses in clinical epidemiology.
  • Conduct CMEs and workshops on clinical epidemiology.
  • Co-ordinate Interdepartmental and Inter-institutional clinical research.



Dr Ravindra Prabhu A

Professor and Head

Department of Nephrology

Kasturba Medical College, Manipal


Core Committee Members:

  • Dr Sreekumar Nair, Professor, Dept. of Statistics, MAHE, Manipal
  • Dr Kavitha Saravu, Professor,  Dept. of Medicine, KMC, Manipal
  • Dr Veena Kamath, Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, KMC, Manipal
  • Dr Asha Kamath, Associate Professor, Dept. of Community Medicine, KMC, Manipal
  • Dr Leslie E Lewis, Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, KMC, Manipal


Faculty Members:

  • Dr G Arun Maiya,  Professor, Dept. of Physiotherapy, SOAHS, Manipal
  • Dr Raviraj Acharya, Professor,  Dept. of Medicine, KMC, Manipal
  • Dr Krishnananda Nayak, Assistant Professor –Senior Scale & Head,  Department of Cardiovascular Technology, SOAHS, Manipal
  • Dr Ramesh S Ve, Assistant Professor - Selection Grade & Head, Department of Optometry, SOAHS, Manipal
  • Dr Bhamini  K Rao, Professor,  Physiotherapy, SOAHS, Manipal
  • Dr Linu Sara George, Prof and Head,  Dept. of Fundamentals of Nursing, MCON, Manipal