Student Life at MCH

MCH prioritizes strong and genuine academic and intellectual growth. However, to be a full citizen, it also recognises that a fair part of a foundational humanities education should include art-practice (theatre, music, poetry readings, the visual arts and so on) as well as a strong sense of community involvement (social work, liaison between MCH and the rest of the MAHE community, sports and so on). As priding itself on facilitating a full flowering of personality, MCH enables and applauds such a holistic growth, one that combines academic strength with art and societal conscience. MCH students also have full access to shared MAHE facilities, student groups, sports grounds, etc.



Chaicopy is a bi-annual publication of MCH launched in January 2017. Chaicopy seeks to draw out the voices, imagination, and ideas of writers, artists, photographers whose works attempt to capture elements of Indian perspectives, whether it be an outsider looking in, a lost urban youth, or any member of the myriad entities that construct an Indian perspective. 

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