Pranjali Kirloskar


Manipal Center for European Studies

Qualification: Pranjali Kirloskar, has worked on her doctoral thesis in the area of internationalization of higher education at MCES. She closely works with the partner universities in Europe, Erasmus+ International Credit mobility program as well as facilitates student and staff mobility at the department. Pranjali, as a recipient of Erasmus Mundus scholarship, studied at Leiden University of the academic year 2014-2015 as an exchange student during her Master degree in European Studies. She has also benefited from the Erasmus + Credit Mobility Program and wishes to increase awareness and participation across the community around.


    Pranjali, is a faculty member at Manipal Center for European Studies and Coordinator International Collaborations at the department. She teaches courses on Education and Society, Education, Strategic Planning and Management, Education, International Policy and Europe among other courses in the Education specialization at MAES program. Pranjali is the Coordinator for Center for Education Research and is also in charge of Erasmus Manipal Network. Her areas of academic interests are internationalization of higher education, European Higher Education Area, Indian participation in Erasmus program.


Subject Semester / Year
Education, Globalisation and Society Semester I
Education: Strategic Planning and Management Semester II
International Education, Policies and Europe Semester II
Politics of Higher Education Semester III


Area of Interest

Education Policies in India and EU, Higher Education Governance in India and EU, Economic Integration in Europe

Area of Expertise

European Economic Governance, Higher Education Policies in India and EU

Area of Research

European Economic Governance, Multidisciplinary approaches to Education Policies, Higher Education Policies in EU

Reimagining Border in Cross-border Education

Dr Neeta Inamdar Pranjali Kirloskar


Emergence of Central and Eastern European Countries as Destinations of International Education

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Assessing the Role of International Offices in Indian and European Universities: Drivers or Facilitators

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Journal of Higher Education Policy and Leadership Studies

Shifting International Student Mobility Directions and Factors Influencing Students’ Higher Education Destination Choices.

September 2021


Journal of Higher Education Policy and Leadership Studies

Internationalizing the Curriculum: Case Study of an Indian Master's Degree in European Studies


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Tackling Online Education: Implications of Responses to COVID-19 in Higher Education Globally

Role of IHE in Knowledge Diplomacy: Challenges to Building Bridges between Universities in India and Europe

2021 Pranjali Kirloskar Neeta Inamdar

Manipal Universal Press

Contours of India-EU Engagements Multiplicity of Experiences

Research on Internationalization on Higher Education: An Indian Perspective

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