The student-managed quarterly publication came into form to provide a platform for the logistics and supply chain management students of the Department of Commerce, both at undergraduate and post-graduate level, to display their initiative. The main objective of the magazine is to create and spread awareness on this unique domain, which considering the Indian industry, is still relatively new and developing. To bridge the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge, the magazine highlights the issues and challenges faced in the industry today and attempts to delve into solutions to optimize productivity and efficiency, while reducing costs.

The insights are established through research-based articles, as witnessed by the students, and as experienced by the faculty. From research-oriented articles to quiz and video links, Logistique presents to the reader a diverse range of topics within a specialized field. As the magazine continues to grow and improve, the 13-member team is constantly committed to getting the latest updates. The Department of Commerce faculty, in particular, Mr. Abhishek Rao and Mr. Praveen Kumar, consistently guide the student team to assist them in bringing out their best, and to ensure it reaches beyond the varsity and towards a corporate outlook.


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