Dr. Teresa Joy

Assistant Professor

Department of Anatomy


    Teresa Joy teaches Anatomy subjects.


Subject Subject code Semester
Anatomy 1st year BDS
Anatomy Allied Health Sciences


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MSc ( Master of science in medical Anatomy) Anatomy Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore 2009


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
KMC, Mangalore Assistant Professor 22/07/2019 - till date
KMC, Mangalore Lecturer 15/04/2009 - 21/07/2019


Area of Interest

Histology , Osteology

Area of Expertise

Human Anatomy- Histology, Neuroanatomy, Osteology, Embrology

Area of Research


N-Acetyl Cysteine Supplement Minimize Tau Expression and Neuronal Loss in Animal Model of Alzheimer’s Disease.

Teresa Joy Muddanna S. Rao Sampath Madhyastha*

Brain Sciences, 2018: 8(10), 185

Does Chronic Administration of Sodium Valproate to Juvenile Rats Induce Movement Disorder and Cognitive Dysfunction during Adulthood?

Namitha Nair Sampath Madhyastha Priyanka Chitti Teresa Joy Vandana Blossom

Itanian journal of Toxicology, 2017: 12(1), 39-46

Early postnatal treatment effect of methylphenidate on spontaneous and reward alteration and neuronal morphology of hippocampus in rats.

Elizabeth Josy Paniculum Sampath Madhyastha* Teresa Joy Vandana Blossom Rai Rajalakshmi Muralimanju BV

Manipal Journal of Medical Sciences, 2017:2(1), 8-16.

The comparative morphological evaluation of human male and female vocal folds, a cadaveric study.

Sampath Madhyastha* Vandana Blossom B.V. Murlimanju Latha V Prabhu Teresa Joy Prameela MD

Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological & Chemical Sciences, 2015:6(5), 1096-1101

Morphology of Nutrient formina in human metatarsals and their clinical importance.

Anamika K Abhishek PS Anuj J Muralimanju BV Divya P Latha VP Vasudha VS Chitra PR Ashwin RR Teresa J & Prashanth KU

Med & Health 2015:10(1), 37-47

Multiple muscular anomalies of upper extremity: A Cadaveric study, Case Report

January 01, 2008 Medicine Dr. Teresa Joy S R Nayak A Krishnamurthy Lakshmi A Ramanathan L V Prabhu C Ganesh Kumar Dinit K Tom

Abnormal branching of the Axillary Artery: Subscapular common trunk. A Case Report

January 01, 2008 Dr. Teresa Joy Dr Vasudha V Saralaya /kmc-mangalore/department-faculty/faculty-list/sampath-madhyastha R. Vadgaonkar S. Saralaya

Meta-analysis in medical research

January 01, 2009 Medicine Dr. Teresa Joy Sathian B Sreedharan J Ahmad M Baboo NS Dixit SB Devakota S

Hippocampal neurogenesis in the prenatally stressed rat is enhanced by resveratrol treatment

January 01, 2013 Medicine Dr. Teresa Joy Sampath M Sudhanshu S Rachana K Ashwin R Divya P

Prenatal isotretinoin exposure reduces the neuronal population of hippocampus in rats

January 01, 2013 Medicine Dr. Teresa Joy Jai Aditya Sampath Madhyastha Sudhanshu Sekhar Sahu Vasudha Saralaya Divya Prem Chandran

Effect of prenatal isotretinoin exposure on neuronal population of prefrontal cortex in rats

January 01, 2013 Medicine Dr. Teresa Joy Divya Prem Chandran Sampath Madhyastha Vasudha Saralaya Jai Aditya Sudhanshu Sahu

Awareness of cervix cancer risk factors in educated youth: A cross-sectional, questionnaire based survey in India, Nepal and Srilanka

January 01, 2011 Medicine Dr. Teresa Joy Sathian B Bhattaria C Chacko J

Forecasting Breast Cancer Cases requiring Radiotherapy at a Teaching Hospital in Nepal

January 01, 2011 Medicine Dr. Teresa Joy Sathian B Sreedharan J Sharan K Baboo NS Ninan J Abilash E.S