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The Department of Medical Education, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, in existence since 1985 seeks to transform medical education by organising training workshops for medical teachers, undergraduate and postgraduate medical students. Faculty development and training programmes are regularly conducted by the trained faculty at the Department of Medical Education.

The Department has been recognized as National Medical Commission (NMC) Regional Centre for conducting Revised basic workshop for PG teachers only form stand-alone PG teaching institutions.

  Department Goal: To make teaching and learning more effective in all phases of education including undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing education.

Ø To conduct the Revised Basic Medical Education Technologies Workshop as per the NMC directives for the teaching faculty at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

Ø To conduct Curriculum implementation support programme workshops for the teaching faculty at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal.

Ø To train postgraduate teachers from stand-alone PG teaching institutions for Revised Basic-PG workshop

Ø To organise workshops for UG teaching departments to implement Competency based Undergraduate medical curriculum as per NMC guidelines

Ø Sensitize teachers about new concepts in teaching and assessment methods.

Ø Develop knowledge and clinical skills required for performing the role of competent and effective teacher, administrator, researcher and mentor.

Ø Assist clinicians to acquire competency in communication and behavioural skills.

Ø Update knowledge using modern information and research methodology tools.


Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Satendra Singh

Associate Professor of Physiology UCMS, Delhi



1.   Revised Basic Course Workshop for Teaching faculty

2.   Curriculum implementation support workshop for teaching faculty

3.   CBME implementation workshops for planning academic schedule, teaching learning activity and assessment for First, Second and Third Professional Years



Program of Revised Basic Course Workshop for Teaching faculty, Tutors/Contract-Temporary faculty at Kasturba Medical College, Manipal












Introduction:  ice breaking and Group Dynamics

Understand and apply concepts of group dynamics and team-based functioning in teaching and learning


System’s Approach, Principles of adult learning, Learning process

a. Use principles of adult learning in the teaching learning process

b. Use the system’s approach for instructional design


Goals, roles and Competencies: CBME*

a. define goals, roles and competencies and explain the relationship between each other

b. elaborate the principles of competency based learning


The IMG – Goals, roles and Competencies

a. be sensitised to the goals, roles and global competencies as developed by the Medical Council of



Learning domains and progression of learning

a. classify and define learning domains

b. demonstrate a basic understanding of hierarchy of knowledge progression


Objectives - Writing objectives - Developing objectives from competencies, linking learning and assessment with competencies*

a. differentiate competencies from objectives

b. develop objectives from different competencies

c. explain the relationship between objectives, learning and assessment


Workshop on writing objectives*

a. develop objectives from competencies and specify the domain and the skill level


Introduction to assessment

a. elaborate the principles and types of assessment

b. explain the utility of assessment

*- use AETCOM Module and Revised UG Curriculum for this session


Day 2







Choosing a teaching method for objectives and competencies – Workshop

choose the appropriate teaching method for various objectives and competencies


Interactive and Innovative teaching methods including Large Group (Demo), Small Group (with demo) and appropriate use of media

a. use the principles of interactive learning in a large group

b. use the principles of interactive learning in a small group

c. choose appropriate media for a given learning session


Writing a lesson plan

develop a lesson plan appropriate to the objectives and teaching learning method


Assessment planning* and quality assurance, Writing the correct essay question, short answer question and MCQ

a. write an appropriate essay question

b. write an appropriate short answer question

c. write an appropriate MCQ


Internal assessment and Formative assessment

develop a plan for internal assessment and formative assessment


* use AETCOM module and Revised UG Curriculum for this session

Day 3







Discussion on AETCOM Module: Reflection and Narrative

a. demonstrate the ability to use the AETCOM module for Basic Course in MET to be held

b. demonstrate the ability to write reflection & narrative on AETCOM Module

c. demonstrate readiness to launch AETCOM module in own college


Matching assessment to  competency, objectives and learning Workshop - Choosing the right assessment

choose the right assessment method for a given objective/ competency and learning method


Effective clinical and practical skill teaching

a. teach skills effectively 

b. teaching skills at the workplace

c. use a skills lab effectively


Assessment of clinical and practical skills

a. assess skills effectively

b. assess skills at the workplace

c. use a skills lab to assess competency in skills

d. design a skills assessment station


Assessment of clinical skills (cont.)



Improving SDL through technology

a. promote self directed learning (SDL) in students

b. use technology to improve self directed learning



provide effective feedback to students


Educational networking for growth

a. understand  avenues for growth in education

b. create networks in education







Education Research



Dr.Veena Nayak


Advanced Course in Medical Education JNMC Belagavi


Attitude and feedback of undergraduate medical students and interns and doctor patient   communication module in AETCOM


Dr.Kirtana R  Nayak



Using patient simulated videos to supplement paper linker case scenarios for integrated teaching in Phase I of competency based undergraduate medical curriculum


Dr.Shashidhar V

Advanced Course in Medical Education St.John’s Bangalore


Assessing the perception of education environment among medical undergraduate students





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1.   NMC Regional Centre for conducting Revised Basic workshop-PG for training PG teachers

The Department of Medical Education, Kasturba Medical College, Manipal has been recognized as NMC Regional Centre for conducting Revised Basic workshop-PG for training PG teachers from stand-alone PG institutions from February 2021.


2.  Transcare Med Ed project:

Department of Medical Education KMC Manipal is one of the collaborators in  Trans care :Med.

Transcare: Med ed is a collaborative project aimed at creating a set of competencies for trans-affirmative health provision in the medical, nursing, and dental curricula. In addition, the project aims to explore the idea of shared decision making in the care of transgender persons in  the Indian context. This project is funded by  Provost  Global faculty awards from University of Chicago.



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