Dr. Sanu Susan Jacob

Assistant Professor-Selection Grade

Department of Physiology


    Dr Sanu Susan Jacob teaches and evaluates Medical undergraduate and postgraduate students.


Subject Semester / Year
Medical Physiology 1st and 2nd semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MSc Medical Physiology Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2005
PhD Medical Physiology Manipal Academy of Higher Education January 2021


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Kasturba Medical College Manipal Assistant Professor-Selection Grade 2021 till date
Kasturba Medical College Manipal Selection Grade Lecturer 2017 till 2021
KMC, Manipal Senior Lecturer 2012 till 2017
Kasturba Medical College Manipal Lecturer 2006 to 2012

A novel approach for the automated detection and quantification of eryptosis

Principal investigator: Dr. Sanu Susan Jacob

Co-investigator: Dr. Keerthana Prasad, Professor & Head, School of Information Sciences, MAHE

Funding agencies: Department of Science and Technology

This project focussed to develop an automated computerized method by generating algorithmic programs to detect eryptotic cells in real-time from images of live RBCs in health and disease.


Area of Interest

Electrophysiology; Hematology

Area of Expertise

Medical Physiology

Area of Research


Micro-Raman Spectroscopy Analysis of Optically Trapped Erythrocytes in Jaundice.

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