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The Poison Information centre established in 2001 under the Department of Pharmacy Practice which assists the physicians in providing the information for the management of acute poisoning and adverse drug events. The poison Information centre is equipped with a computer, internet software such as Micromedex, Poisindex, and access to authenticated databases which help in providing the information to clinicians. Poison Information centre has assisted in providing more than 200 poison and adverse event-related information for physicians each year. It is also actively involved in educating the community regarding pesticide poisoning and first aid management. The department also initiated community training programmes for farmers on safe handling of pesticides. Poison information centre is one of the integral parts of toxicovigilance and drug safety centre which is actively involved in many research projects in the area of clinical toxicology. 

Moreover, two doctoral research programs and 8 postgraduate projects have been completed in this area. We have also published several research papers related to poisoning management and new interventions, which have been recorded as part of the information management system.