Manipal Centre for Business Practice (MCBP) Bengaluru, a constituent unit of MAHE Manipal is focused on holistic education in the domain of management.

MCBP offers a wide range of courses in the area of management with a strong focus on liberal arts, humanities and social sciences. The Integrated Program in Management and the undergraduate program in Data Sciences are unique examples in such experimentation.

MCBP offers multiple executive education courses in several domains/functional areas in multiple formats to meet the expectations and the need of the practicing community. 

These programs are uniquely designed to meet the requirements of young managers, middle level functional managers and members of the senior management team. The duration of the programs can be from 10 hours to 100 hours. To suit the convenience of the participants, the programs are delivered in blended mode. The interconnected activities which help MCBP to deliver high quality courses include but not limited to.

  • To conduct applied research on management challenges relevant to the Indian community/society/context.
  • To undertake problem solving consulting opportunities both in private and public sector organizations in India and neighbouring countries
  • To help academic/training institutions focused on management education to strengthen their quality and help them to realise their potential.

MCBP strategy is to leverage the three inter-connected activities like applied knowledge creation, application of this knowledge and propagation of the same to influence practice to deliver high quality executive education at an appropriate price.

The faculty resources at MCBP consists of distinguished group of senior academicians, practitioners and industry experts. MCBP is complementing the faculty resources by a set of internal faculty team.

Vision and Mission


Manipal Centre for Business Practice (MCBP) is an autonomous constituent unit of Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Manipal

Manipal Centre for Business Practice (MCBP) is focussed on 

a.High quality , high impact executive education at value price.

b.Providing a holistic management education in the context of social sciences settings with a focus on liberal arts and humanities.

Vision of MCBP is in alignment with the vision of MAHE.