Faculty Development Program


This 75-hour Faculty Development Programme (FDP) prepares management  academicians to get professionally equipped and trained in general management principles, latest digital and non-digital pedagogical tools (including case method and simulations), cutting-edge research methods, and advanced specialized areas.


Course Highlights:

The FDP is designed explicitly for management teachers and researchers employed in management schools, colleges, universities, and professional institutes. Instructors working at various training colleges/centres/universities of both public and private institutions are also welcome to apply. The FDP will empower individuals to learn and get exposure with effective and newer pedagogical techniques, gain expertise in diverse research methodologies, and learn advanced specific management topics.

FDP Edition 2022 Inauguration

The inauguration was held virtually on Saturday, 07 May 2022.

Professor Rishikesha T. Krishnan, Director, IIM Bangalore was the Chief Guest and he delivered the inaugural address.

For complete details of the inaugural function, click here



Based on the request of several participants to minimize the overlap between academic duties of the participants and the FDP interaction, the regular online classes will begin from Tuesday, 07 June 2022.

FDP is designed in a blended mode.

This 75-hour programme is combined of 50- hour online sessions (weekends) and 25- hour offline sessions (5 days). 

5 hours per week on weekends over a period of 10 weeks on online mode

5 days of offline interaction (25 hours)*

Offline classes will be held in MCBP Bengaluru.

Refer to the detailed program schedule for more details. 


*Participants are responsible for organizing and paying their travel costs to the venue, as well as for their accommodation.


Programme fee

The programme fee shall be INR 75,000 per participant 



Fcaulty Resources:

Prof. N. Ravichandran,

Professor (Retired), IIM Ahmedabad, Executive Director MCBP and Program Chair.

Dr. Bhupesh Dutt Sharma 

Assistant Professor at MCBP

Dr. Kshamta Sharma

Assistant Professor at MCBP

Dr. Navin Kumar K

Professor at MCBP

Salient features of the course:

  • Total 75 live contact hours with the faculty
  • Opportunity to collaborate and publish case studies with the faculty in leading case repositories.
  • Opportunity to collaborate and publish research in reputed journals with the faculty
  • Offline mentoring sessions will be conducted at the Bengaluru campus for two days
  • A grade sheet and a certificate shall be given for each participant
  • Opportunity to learn cutting edge pedagogical tools like simulations, role plays, cases, social media based interactive learning tools, and more
  • Alumni status of MCBP, Bengaluru shall be granted to the participant upon successful completion of the course


Course Modules:

The curriculum for this course shall be a careful blend of modules that will integrate the management disciplines, contemporary topics in management, becoming a better teacher, classroom effectiveness, case writing, crafts of research writing, and statistical methods and research techniques. The detailed description of the courses under each module is shown as follows.

Module – 1: What is management?

  • Philosophical foundations of management
  • Integration of diverse management views
  • Communication for Management teachers
  • Participant-centric learning approaches

Module – 2: Management pedagogy

  • Simulation exercises
  • Case teaching
  • Designing an effective curriculum
  • Time management in a class
  • Role plays

Module - 3: Contemporary topics in Management teaching and research

  •  E-, S- and M-commerce
  • Sustainable and Inclusive business models
  • Corporate social and environmental responsibility
  • Management for non-profit and non-governmental organizations
  •  Conflict resolution and Negotiations
  • Analytics and Predictive techniques
  • Modern corporate governance
  • Social media applications in teaching and research
  • Innovative evaluation techniques
  • Data analytics applications in teaching and research

Module – 4: Research methods and statistical data analysis

  • Research idea generation, execution, and data collection
  • Qualitative and Quantitative research methods
  • Basics of research statistics
  • Exposure to statistical research software packages

Module – 5: Case and Research writing

  • Case writing
  • Application grants
  • Approach towards consulting projects
  • How to publish cases and research?
  • Teaching note
  • Academic writing

Live project : Research/Case writing collaboration with the course instructor,

Kindly note that the descriptions of the course module are to provide an idea of the topics covered. However, individual faculty members may alter the content as deemed appropriate.

A certificate of participation for the faculty development programme at MCBP, Bengaluru, shall be provided to successful participants. The certificate award is subject to attendance and satisfactory performance requirements set by MCBP. A grade transcript shall be provided to the participants containing the list of courses at the end of course completion.