Dr Swati

Associate Professor

Department of Periodontology


    Swati teaches BDS students.

    • Is actively involved in academic and clinical teaching for 3rd and final year part 1 students
    • Is involved in case discussions, assessments, seminars, journal club presentations and case presentations of postgraduate students
    • Guides undergraduate students in their research work
    • Is DCI in charge for the Department
    • Is the web co-ordinator for the Department
    • Is the teacher guardian for undergraduate students
    • Is the staff mentor for MAHESRF


Subject Subject code Semester
Periodontology D07 Third year, Final year BDS part I


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) Periodontology Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Manipal MAHE 2010
BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) KLE Institute of Dental Sciences, Belgaum. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore 2007


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Periodontology, MCODS Manipal Reader/Associate Professor 2014 – till date
Department of Periodontology, MCODS Mangalore Assistant Professor 2010- 2014

Assessment and comparison of nuclear changes seen in gingivitis and periodontitis using fluorescent microscopy

October 09, 2019 Dentistry Tanya Sawhneya Nidhi Manaktala Swati Srikant N

Abstract Introduction and objectives: The objective of this study was to observe the evolution of genotoxicity (micronucleation, binucleation and multinucleation) from normal to periodontally compromised gingival epithelium (gingivitis and periodontitis) and to compare the severity of damage. Methods and material: 45 participants formed 3 different categories; a control group of 15 healthy subjects, 15 subjects with gingivitis and 15 with chronic periodontitis. Smears were collected from all the gingiva and stained with acridine orange stain. A total of 500 cells were evaluated under fluorescent microscopy for nuclear abnormalities such as micronuclei, binucleation and multinucleation. The statistical analysis used was one way ANOVA and posthoc Tukey test. Results and conclusion: A statistically significant difference was observed when the age of the 3 groups were compared (p = 0.002); the control group were younger than those with chronic periodontitis or gingivitis. With respect to genotoxic changes, the differences for binucleation (p = 0.002) and multinucleation (p < 0.001) were statistically significant thus suggesting advanced damage in the nucleus. Such changes in genotoxicity could be of help to a clinician in determining prognosis. © 2019 Sociedad Espa˜nola de Anatom´ıa Patol´ogica. Published by Elsevier Espa˜na, S.L.U. All rights reserved.


Area of Interest

Clinical Periodontology, Periodontal medicine, Dental Implants

Area of Expertise

Periodontal surgery, Dental Implantology

Area of Research

Periodontal medicine, Oral hygiene products

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life Member of Red Cross Society, 2012
  • Life Member of Indian Society of Periodontology, 2011
  • Contributed chapters in textbook titled “Clinical Periodontology and Implantology” by Dilip G Naik, Ashita S Uppoor, Mahesh C P, 2nd edition

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Antiplaque and anti-gingivitis effect of a mouthwash containing 0.5% zinc citrate and 0.2 % triclosan

2012-01-01 Dr Paridhi Bhargava

2012-2015, Postgraduate student. A variety of oral hygiene products are commercially available the treatment of gingivitis. This is an attempt to compare 2 commercially available fluoride containing mouthwashes with and without the active ingredients which are 0.5% zinc citrate and 0.2% triclosan.