The MIT food court is a favourite place for students, with its comfortable centralised air conditioned interiors, a variety of options to choose from, and most important, healthy and hygienic food, all under a single roof.

The food court at Kamath Circle (KC) is popular as it caters to a range of palettes, from students, to faculty members and staff.

It has two levels:

  • Level 1, the mess with a seating capacity of 1,200, run by Chef on Wheels.
  • Level 2, with five counters, with a variety of cuisines.


  • General Manager: Edwin Castelino
  • Head of Chefs: Dinesh Pilliyil  (head chef of Taj Group of Hotels, Bangalore)
  • Chef Ravi George (Chef at The Oberoi, ITC group of Hotels)

Other features

  • The mess has 840 members, and food for a day costs about Rs 75 for a member.
  • There are separate areas for washing, cutting, storing and cooking, thus ensuring smooth operation.
  • The kitchen has sophisticated equipment, on par with well-established restaurants.
  • A walk-in cooler for storing fresh vegetables and food items.
  • Meat is stored separately at a temperature of -100C.
  • Hygiene is the top-most priority in every section of the kitchen.