Aswathi R Hegde

Assistant Professor

Department of Pharmaceutics


    Aswathi R Hegde is Assistant Professor in the Department of Pharmaceutics at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences. She is the teacher coordinator for DPharm-Part I.



Subject Subject code Semester
Pharmaceutics-I (Theory) PCE-BP103T BPharm Sem-I
Pharmaceutics-I (Practical) PCE-BP109T BPharm Sem-I
Pharmaceutics-I (Theory) Pharmaceutics-I DPharm-Part I
Pharmaceutics-I (Practical) Pharmaceutics-I DPharm-Part I
Pharmaceutics Lab PCE 1.2L First Year PharmD


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD (pursuing) Pharmaceutics Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Pursuing
MPharm Pharmaceutics Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education 2014
BPharm Pharmacy Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore 2011


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Pharmacy Australia Centre for Excellence (PACE), The University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia Occupational trainee Sep – Dec 2014
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Junior Research Fellow 2015-2016
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Senior Research Fellow 2016-2017
Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Manipal Academy of Higher Education Assistant Professor August 2017 to till date


Area of Interest

Pharmaceutics, novel drug delivery systems, formulation development

Area of Research

Nanotechnology, transdermal drug delivery, targeted drug delivery

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  1. Registered pharmacist of the Karnataka State Pharmacy Council
  2. Member of the Association of Pharmaceutical Teachers of India (APTI)


  1. First prize for poster entitled “Effect of iontophoresis on the skin permeation of dendrimeric conjugates of ketoprofen” at the ALPHACON-2017 National Conference on "Pioneering Pharmaceutical Research and Development to meet Global Challenges" held at Bangalore during 9 - 11 February, 2017.
  2. First prize for poster entitled “Development and evaluation of dendrimeric prodrugs of ketoprofen: effect of passive diffusion, sonophoresis and iontophoresis” at the ICMR Sponsored National Seminar on Advanced Pharmaceutical Technologies and Dosage Forms: Where does India stand in the current global context? held at MCOPS, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal during 18-19 March, 2016.
  3. M/s MEDREICH Ltd, Bangalore Award (2013-2014) for the best M.Pharm Part-II Project work (Dissertation work), instituted by Mr. B Srinivasa Reddy, M/s Medreich Ltd, Bangalore awarded on February 14, 2015.
  4. Second prize for National Level Power-point Competition on the topic Recent Advances in Tableting Technology organised by the Pharmacist’s Organization for Women Empowerment and Research (POWER) on March 8th, 2013.
  5. Adjudged the “Best Student for Outstanding Performance” during the year 2010-2011 by the Alumni Association of Al-Ameen College of Pharmacy, Bangalore.
  6. Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) 2012 – qualified with 559 rank (Scholarship received for postgraduate education). State 1st rank in Karnataka PGCET 2012 for admission to M. Pharm.

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