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Drug Discovery, Design & Development

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Drug formulations: Development & evaluation

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Safety and Efficacy of Drugs & Pharmaceuticals

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Drug discovery, design, formulation development, preclinical testing, clinical safety and efficacy testing

MCOPS has excellent facilities and equipment for Drug Discovery and Development from Bench to Bedside. Laboratories are established across various departments for lead identification, lead optimisation, pre-formulation studies, preclinical and clinical drug development.

Focused Research Areas

Design and Synthesis of Lead molecules

MCOPS has full-fledged Schrodinger Software Suite and computational facility for design of drug candidates. Identified collaborator in this is Dr Reddy’s Institute of Life Sciences, Hyderabad.



Dosage form design and Drug delivery

The focused research areas of the Department of Pharmaceutics are Preformulation studies, Development of different conventional and novel dosage forms, Evaluation of dosage forms for various in vitro and in vivo parameters and Studying biopharmaceutical and pharmacokinetic aspects.


Preclinical testing, advanced cellular and molecular drug testing

Full-fledged cell culture lab (with Western blotting, flow cytometry, cell analyser and state-of-the-art central animal house facility help for Screening of drug candidates for various in vitro and biological activities and to explore the new therapeutic potentials of lead molecules and its mechanisms of action, both in vitro and in vivo.

Research Collaboration

The success of the fruitful outcomes of research lies in the collaborations with the globally reputed institutions. Keeping this slogan in mind, MCOPS with the help of Manipal Academy of Higher Education is able to establish collaboration with several reputed (Tier I) institutions in the country and abroad.

International Collaboration

Research collaboration is established in variuos activities with Griffith University, Australia; PACE, UQ, Australia; University of Brighton, UK and University of South Australia. These collaborations have yielded a couple of student short term visits and international publications in high impact journals.

National Collaborations

Joint research projects are being conducted with different institutes in India. The collaborations helped us develop joint research projects and seminars, student exchange programs and twinning programs. This also helped us in securing national and international funds for research.

Industry Collaborations

MCOPS is instrumental in materialising Memorandum of Understanding with industries and thus strengthening its research alliances and industry trainings.


Centres, Labs & Facilities

Museum of Anatomy and Pathology

We have established an Advanced Drug Testing Lab through the support from DST-FIST and MAHE. This lab is equipped with LC-MS to detect drug analytes in very low concentrations from plasma and their impurities.

Research is in our DNA

The prestigious academic appointment in Manipal Academy of Higher Education to promote excellence in teaching and research and to extend the frontiers of knowledge by hosting men and women who have won national and global acclaim

Student Research

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Research Papers


Child Nervous System

Abandoning dislodged shunt catheters unraveling Pandora box lesion


Image Information Processing

3D visualization and dept peeling of pulmonary vasculature and lung lesion using plain ct sequence.


Human-Robot Interaction

Developing a code of ethics for “human-robot interaction” that could change the way how we designs robots.

Resources & Support

Reseacrh Forum

Manipal Academy of Higher Education Students Research Forum (MAHESRF) is a student body dedicated to inculcate research interest among undergraduate and postgraduate students.


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