The objective of Manipal education is to produce a good professional and global citizen, and we seek the cooperation of parents in achieving this goal.

While their children are at Manipal, we request parents to

  • Try to be in regular touch with the teacher guardian of their son/ daughter.
  • Keep abreast of their son/ daughter’s academic progress, attendance, internal assessment and marks in the university examinations.
  • Make timely payments like tuition fees, hostel facility fees directly to Manipal Academy of Higher Education.
  • Be aware of their son/ daughter’s monthly mode of expenditure.
  • Notify the university officials of any change in address, phone numbers and email, as they might need to be contacted in an emergency.
  • Encourage their ward to return to their college at the end of their holidays, so that they do not fall short on attendance. Parents are encouraged to visit their children at college.
  • Buy a vehicle for their son/daughter only after careful consideration.
  • Inform the college authorities of their son/daughter’s history of illness, physical or mental, if any. Students are covered under Medicare and entitled for treatment in our own hospital, which is a tertiary referral hospital. In case of minor ailments, the student can attend the out-patient health clinic. If, however, an ailment requires in-patient care, the student will be admitted. For minor ailments the parents may not be informed, but in case of emergencies, we inform parents as soon as possible.
  • Encourage their son/daughter to stay in the campus hostels. Staying outside the campus independently has disadvantages and parents should discuss the matter with the teacher guardian before consenting to such an arrangement.
  • Keep in regular touch with the institution officials especially if their son/daughter has below average or poor academic performance.