LED Lamp Head With Variable Brightness

February 14, 2012

Vasuki Prasad, a 2008 pass out from the E&C branch of Manipal Institute of Technology, got a U.S patent for his work on, “LED Lamp Head for Variable Brightness”. He is the sole inventor of the lamp head. “Getting a sole inventor on a patent is difficult in an MNC, which is why it is so special to me,” Vasuki wrote to the faculty members who taught him at MIT.

 A lamp head is configured to be electrically coupled solely to a power-supply element and a return element. A power voltage carried by the power-supply element is regulated by a control element. The lamp includes at least one LED configured to emit light, and a first circuit coupled to at least one LED and configured to adjust the brightness of the light emitted by at least one LED solely in response to adjustments made to the power voltage by the control element.

Vasuki was an outstanding student at MIT. He earned his spurs, so to say, as leader of “Fastrack Developers”, the team which won the prestigious GE Edison Innovation Challenge competition organized y GE Company’s John F Welch Technology Centre (JFWTC) in Bangalore in 2008.
The team had presented “Train Blazer”, a reliable, rugged working model on communication system. This model could record and display maximum information of a train passing through a station, bringing to the notice of the station master, some physical conditions that may prove detrimental to the safety of the train such as; over-speeding, dragging, hot wheel, hot bearing etc.

Vasuki has a passion for aviation. He is also a freelance aviation journalist for SP's Airbuz, which is India's exclusive civil aviation magazine.