MIT Celebrates World Environment Day

June 05, 2020

With the concern for the environment, MIT, Manipal has taken up many activities to keep the Manipal campus clean and green. Recycling used water, rain water harvesting, segregating the waste, use of green energy, use of electric powered green vehicles, solar water heaters, power generation using solar panels, switching over to LED lighting, replacing the old AC units with energy efficient AC units are all the part of this initiative.

Relocating a fallen tree, diamond forest – a small forest as a mark of our diamond jubilee celebration, planting the sapling by the important guest visiting the campus, has transformed a barren hillock into a green campus. This has resulted in more than 400 species of birds and many animal species living inside the campus in harmony with us. On the day of world environment day, every year we plant the saplings with the participation by all members of the campus. Through the student body, we also take-up events such as Swach Bharath, Swach Campus, nicely maintained hostel premises, nicely maintained hostel room etc.

This year with the spread of Covid 19, Institute is unable to do these activities with the same vigour and scale. We have postponed many activities to later date to be carried out with participation from students’ body. As a gesture of our responsibility to this environment, on this environmental day we have planted a sapling maintaining proper social distancing norms. Hope this pandemic will also help us to understand our responsibility in handling the mother earth and using the resources judiciously without harming her and any of the cohabitants.