Rhythm of the Jubilee: Revels’17

March 11, 2017


The annual cultural fest of Manipal Institute of Technology, Revels, was organised over a span of four eventful days. Themed along the lines of a Carnaval, the splendor of MIT’s intra-college fest was unparalleled.

Revels’17 was convened on the evening of 7th March. The conveners, Vidushee Singh and Pashang Lavangia, set Revels in motion – sharing the stage with a stellar guest panel consisting of Ms. Priyanka Mary Francis, Dr. H. S. Ballal, Dr. G. K. Prabhu, Dr. Narayana Shenoy K., Dr. B. H. V. Pai, Professor Balakrishna S. Maddodi, and Mr. Darshan Nandekar. 


For the following four days, classrooms and auditoriums in MIT were abuzz with events. Revels’17 had fifteen categories, ranging from Crescendo (Music) to Animania (Anime and Manga). Each category challenged students to display talents beyond the textbooks, and participants joined the festival with fervour.  

While these categories formed the face of Revels’17, the supporting categories constituted the backbone. Managing a fest with more than 150 events enjoyed by students from MIT and beyond is quite a demanding task. Some of the most fascinating work in this festival happened in the background, and supporting categories such as Hospitality and Sponsorship kept the show running – while taking little credit for themselves.


The Revels’ Sports Cup sees a heated participation every year, and 2017 was no different. Contests raged in cricket, football, handball, squash, and many other sports. MIT’s Jubilee Year added a feather in its cap as our college managed to defend the sports championship successfully this year.

With events ranging from photography, literature, psychology, and even gaming, the organisers ensured that Revels’17 embodied the zeal of a Carnaval.



MIT’s Quadrangle played host to the Fashion Show on the first evening of Revels’17. Organised meticulously, the Fashion Show was followed by a rib-tickling exhibition of comedy by Sahil Shah and Karunesh Talwar on the following day. One of MIT’s own, Shubhang Yadav was handpicked by Sahil Shah to convene the comedians’ act. Day Three saw an overflowing Quadrangle dance to the endemic tunes of folk rock band Lagori.

Revels’17 could not have asked for a better conclusion, with renowned artists Benny Dayal and Anish Sood putting the whole of Manipal Academy of Higher Education into a trance at the KMC Greens on the final day.

While NLH hosted a number of events during theday, it was also home to the organising committee of Revels’17, who were busy burning the midnight oil to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Being one of the most successful cultural fests witnessed by the college, Revels’17 promises to be something the college shall remember the Diamond Jubilee year by.