STEM --- UG Project Exhibition

April 15, 2017

The department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering organized the under-graduate project exhibition of its 2013-17 batch students on 15. 04. 2017 as an activity of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of MIT Manipal. The exhibition of the final year projects were organized by the UG project co-ordinators – Dr. Chandrika B.K, Dr. Arun P. Parameswaran, Dr. Muralidhar Killi and Mr. Anandh under the leadership of Dr. (Prof.) Savitha G. Kini – HOD of EEE Department, MIT Manipal. Sixty five groups (approximately 130 students) pursuing their final year projects in the department/inter-department participated in the exhibition. Of the 65 groups, 61 groups undertook their final year project within the department while 4 groups executed inter-disciplinary projects in collaboration with the departments of Physics, Aeronautical & Automobile Engg., Instrumentation & Control Engg. as well as the Innovation Center. Electrical Machines Lab, Circuits & Measurements Lab as well as Integrated Electronics Lab (all in AB-1) were selected as the venues for the exhibition, in addition to the MIT Quadrangle.

The projects were independently evaluated out of 15 marks by a panel of Faculty from the Department of Instrumentation & Control Engineering Dr. (Prof.) Shreesha Chokkadi) as well as from the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering (Dr. Anitha H. – Associate Professor). The expert panel was highly appreciative of the majority of the projects and especially commended the clarity with which the students explained the work undertaken in their respective projects. This appreciation was further translated into appropriate grades with many groups achieving the full 15/15 score. Select project students have gone a step further and submitted their work as research manuscript at various conferences/Scopus indexed journals whose review is currently underway.

Timely refreshments were provided to the students as well as the evaluation panel members throughout the day. Also, the evaluation continued into the afternoon of 15. 04. 2017 after a short lunch break, and the continued enthusiasm exhibited by the students even in the post lunch session was praiseworthy. The main aim of this project exhibition was to create an awareness among the junior batches of the EEE department on the current areas of work of their department faculty, as well as the competitive spirit exhibited by their seniors. This in turn was expected to rub off on them, and from the response, the project exhibition was a huge success. It resulted in a healthy discussion and exchange of ideas among the students of different batches of the EEE department.

At the end of the day, the students, both the present final year as well as their juniors were extremely satisfied with the project exhibition, as evident from the positive feedback which was received by the department. The Head of the Department personally thanked the external evaluation panel members for their impartial evaluation of the participating batches. She also thanked the students of the junior batches for responding in a highly positive manner to the extended invitation and hoped that the subsequent batches would take the acquired technical skills one notch forward through their respective Under-Graduate projects.