Yahoo India’s Managing Director visits MIT

March 06, 2017


MIT’s Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) organized a guest lecture on “Multichannel Attribution Models in Online Advertising" by Mr. Gurmit Singh, Managing Director, Yahoo India. The session was hosted by Ms. Smitha A. (Assistant Professor, Department of ICT). Dr. Balachandra (Professor and Head, Department of ICT) delivered the welcome address.

Mr. Singh spoke about Indians forming a key percentage of today’s netizens, and our country’s healthy contribution to the revenue of sites like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo. We have a vast demographic quickly moving from the offline to the online sector. Such a market climate requires companies to shift to digital advertising. Mr. Singh went on to explain what attribution means, and which attribution models (Post Click or Post View) to use where. He also touched upon tracking, and how advertising networks monitor customer profiles for targeted publicity.


Mr Singh’s session introduced his listeners to the semantics of Digital Advertising – and how (as opposed to orthodox marketing) it requires a better and smarter understanding of the customer’s mind. Dr. Manohara Pai M.M. (Associate Director (Research and Consultancy) and Professor, Department of ICT) presented Mr. Gurmit Singh a memento as a token of gratitude.