Dr Archana PR

Associate Professor

Department of Physiology

Qualification: M Sc (Medical Physiology), PhD


    • teaching undergraduate students (MBBS, BDS & Bsc health Sciences)
    • coordinator of examination


Subject Semester / Year
Human Physiology First year- MBBS, BDS; semester IV BSc health Sciences


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
PhD “Investigation of the radioprotective effect of Thymol, a natural p-cymene derived monoterpene: in vitro and in vivo studies Manipal Life Sciences Centre 2011


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Physiology Selection Grade Lecturer Undergraduate Teaching(MBBS, BDS, Nursing, BPT), Postgraduate Teaching (MSc) December 2005
Department of Physiology Senior Grade Lecturer Undergraduate Teaching(MBBS, BDS, Nursing, BPT) September 2002 - December 2005
Department of Physiology Lecturer Undergraduate Teaching(MBBS, BDS, Nursing, BPT) August 1994 - August 2002

Currently working on 

role of gut microbiota in hyperestrogenic conditions 

role of plant extracts on chemoprotection

role of neutraceuticals on metabolic syndrome 


Area of Interest

Cancer Biology, Radiation Protection, Chemo Protection, Immunology, Neuroscience.

Area of Expertise

Radiation protection

Area of Research

Radiation protection, Chemoprotection

Archana PR, Nageshwar Rao B, Mamatha Ballal, Satish Rao B. S, Thymol, a naturally occurring monocyclic phenolic compound protects Chinese hamster lung fibroblasts from radiation induced oxidative stress and cytotoxicity Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, Volume 680, 1-2, 2009, 70-77.

Satish Rao B. S, Nageshwar Rao B, Archana PR, Prerana Shetty. Antioxidant and radiation antagonistic effect of hydroalcoholic bark extract of Saraca indica and possible mechanism of radiation protection. Journal of environmental pathology, toxicology and oncology, 29(1), 2010, 69-79.

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Archana P.R, Nageshwar Rao B, Satish Rao BS. Modulation of Gamma Ray-Induced Genotoxic Effect by Thymol, a Monoterpene Phenol Derivative of Cymene. Integr Cancer Ther. 2011 Dec;10(4):374-83

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Archana P.R, B. Nageshwar Rao, B.S. Satish Rao. In vivo radioprotective potential of thymol, a monoterpene phenol derivative of cymene. Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis, Volume 726(2), 2011, 136-145

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“A Review of Applied Physiology”- Authors: Shrikanth Patil and Archana PR

“Fundamentals of Oral Anatomy, Physiology & Histology” – Authors: Bharat Rao K