Bijay Kumar Barik

Senior Grade Lecturer

Department of Biochemistry

Qualification: MSc Medical Biochemistry


    Bijay Kumar Barik teaches Biochemistry to first year MBBS, BDS, Allied Health Science students and second year BSc helath science students emphasizing the clinical relevance’s.


    • Is involved in teaching theory classes for MBBS, BDS, Allied health and BSc health science students.
    • Conducts practical classes, Problem Based Learning (PBL) sessions, Self-Directed Learning (SDL) activities. for year I MBBS and year I BDS courses.
    • Is involved in preparing question papers for both theory and practical examinations for MBBS and BDS students.
    • Is involved in preparing university question paper sets for Allied health science courses.
    • Coordinates theory and practical examinations for MBBS students.
    • Evaluates theory and practical papers of MBBS and BDS students.
    • Is involved in invigilation for class tests, internal examinations and university examinations for MBBS and BDS students.
    • Is faculty mentor for a group of medical students.
    • Is involved in block exam coordination and invigilation.
    • Is teaching Cell Biology and Genetics for B.Sc Health Sciences (ICHS) students
    • Guides mentored student projects
    • Is a coordinator for Personal and Professional Development (PPD) module at MMMC
    • Is a coordinator for the preparation of student brochure for MBBS students
    • Scrutinises and signs the biochemical reports of the blood/urine/other biological fluid samples of patients at the Biochemistry lab of Dr TMA Pai Hospital, Udupi



Subject Semester / Year
Biochemistry MBBS first year, BDS first year, Allied Health Science Courses-Semester 2 & 4
Cell Biology B.Sc Health Sciences- Semester 3
Genetics B.Sc Health Sciences- Semester 4


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MSc (Master of Science) Medical Biochemistry KMC, Kasturba Medical College Manipal 2008


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Biochemistry and Genetics, KMC International Centre, Manipal Lecturer August 2009- December 2012
Department of Biochemistry - MMMC, Manipal Lecturer January 2013- July 2015
Department of Biochemistry - MMMC, Manipal Senior Grade Lecturer August 2015 – present


Area of Interest

Molecular Modelling, Nanotechnology, Molecular Biology and others

Area of Expertise

Spectroscopic Techniques, Electrophoresis, Raman Spectra & IR Spectra Analysis.

Area of Research

Peptides in Urine, Protein Thiols in urine, Kidney Stone analysis, Molecular Modelling Software, Biomolecule interaction studies

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life Member of Society of Biological Chemists. 

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