Dr Indira Bairy

Professor and Head

Department of Microbiology

Qualification: MD Microbiology


    Indira Bairy is involved in the curriculum delivery (Didactic lectures, Self-Directed Learning sessions, Problem Based Learning Sessions, and practical) for the MBBS batches, MBBS Refresher batches, BDS batch and Allied Health Sciences students.


    • Is a faculty member of the Department of Microbiology, Melaka Manipal Medical College.
    • As Head of the Department has administrative responsibilities of planning teaching , evaluation and other co curricular activities of the department
    • Plans and schedules theory and practical classes for MBBS and BDS programme for the batches and allied health sciences.
    • Sets question papers (block and university) of MBBS, BDS and Allied Health Science courses also in assessment of Microbiology theory and practical examinations (block and university) of MBBS, BDS and Allied Health science.
    • Assess of MSc (Medical Lab Technology) and BSc (Medical Lab Technology) culture and topic seminars.
    • Mentor undergraduate students of Melaka Manipal Medical College (Manipal Campus).
    • Facilitates and moderates discussion topics of MSc MLT.
    • Is involved in the Microbiology laboratory diagnostic work.
    • Is project guide for mentored student projects for MBBS batch.
    • Is PhD guide at Manipal University.



Subject Subject code Semester
Medical Microbiology MBBS Second year
BDS Medical Microbiology 2nd year
Medical Microbiology Allied Health Sciences 3rd Semester


Degree Specialisation Institute Year of passing
MD (Master of Science) Medical Microbiology Kasturba Medical College, Mangalore University 1990


Institution / Organisation Designation Role Tenure
Department of Microbiology- MMMC, Manipal Professor and Head 2016 Mar - Till Date
Department of Microbiology- MMMC, Manipal Professor 2011 March - 2016 March
Department of Microbiology- MMMC , Manipal Professor and Head 2006March - 2011February
Department of Microbiology- KMC, Manipal Professor 2004 October- 2006 February
Department of Microbiology- KMC, Manipal Additional Professor 2003 February - 2004 September
Department of Microbiology- KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 1995 July - 2003 Jan
Department of Microbiology- KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 1995 July - 2003 January
Department of Microbiology- KMC, Manipal Associate Professor 1992 July -1995 June
Asian Institute of Medicine, Science & Technology (AIMST), Sungai Petani, 08000, Kedah, Malaysia Assistant Professor Worked as teaching faculty and involved with curriculum development, lecture, problem bases learning, practical teaching for MBBS students. 2003 April - 2004 March

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Area of Interest

Medical Microbiology

Area of Expertise

Infectious diseases, Immunology

Area of Research

Scrub typhus, Group A Streptococci, Staphyloccus aureus, HIV, Autoimmune diseases, Antibiotic resistance

Professional Affiliations & Contributions

  • Life Member of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist.
  • Life Member of Indian Association of Pathologist and Microbiologist.
  • Life Member of Karnataka Chapter of Indian Association of Medical Microbiologist.

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